Camp Doll Diaries photo challenge

“Giddy up!! Let’s go, Mocha!” said Nicki as Annie gave her an encouraging pat on the back.

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Take a photo of your doll(s) doing something horse related. There has to be a horse in the photo so if you don’t have a horse for your dolls – get creative (draw a picture of a horse, have your dolls read a horse book, etc)

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Once you have posted your photo on one of the places above, LEAVE A COMMENT on THIS POST telling us where your photo/video has been posted so we can check it out. If you are under 13, have a parent help you with sharing.
THE PRIZES: We will select THREE lucky winners at random to receive a Camp Doll Diaries souvenir.
CHALLENGE DATES: This photo challenge is open from July 8-12, 2013.

Until next time, this is Natalie signing off. Click!

Photos from our readers. Also look on Instagram (#campdolldiaries), Pinterest, and YouTube for other entries.

From Aubrey – Samantha and Bella are on a walk and Samantha stopped to give Bella some love.

Josefina is reading her book about horses with her horse friend, Pudding.   From Christian Homeschooler

From Catherine – Rusty recieves a carrot from Vicki, and Lightning returns from the morning stroll with Chloe.

From Madelon – Saige, wearing a retired Battat western dress, brings an apple for her horse. (boots by Sophia).

You have to watch this sweet little stopmotion from YoutTube channel agfansite –

From Mary: Felicity and Kirsten love to go riding in their wagon! They hitched up Penny and her foal Patriot for a jog around the neighborhood.

From Stephanie J – Addy and Samantha wish Felicity (and Penny) luck in the Williamsburg Derby.

From Ash – In this photo, Nicki is mounting Jackson her horse. Also, Kaya is untacking Steps-High, and Lynn is petting her new horse Princess Puffy-Pants.

From Emily – Hally is having a great time riding shadow. In the distance you can see the tree on Woodland hill. Thanks!

Ivy is feeding Winter Snowflake an apple and Saige brushes Apple Lightning. ~From Kristen L. Cabin Jacarandas

From Jen

From Abigail- My dolls are getting their horse, Summer for the parade.

From Abby – Felicity and her horse D.R. Cherry are posing for pictures after the ribbon ceremony. Felicity and Cherry won second place in the barrel race.

From Eliana – Kaya is teaching Kirsten to ride bareback.

Julie is sitting reading her book on horses, whilst thinking what it would be like to have her own horse. Also there are some horse posters and a model on the bookcase. From Charlotte.

From Lila.

From Julia L.- Nikki, Carly, and Saige are reading horse books. Nikki is doing the puzzles in “Oodles of Horses”, Carly is reading “I Love Horses”, and Saige is reading  “Black Beauty”.

Here is a picture of my Saige and Kit dolls. Saige is riding her horse and Kit is taking a photo to print in the newspaper! Coconut came by with Kit to see Saige! From Alexa.

From Molly – Emily is leading the parade on her horse, Frost.  Sonali (Miss Monarch!) is smiling and waving from her float.

This is my camp stables, all the girls are getting excited to ride! Here they are all warming up the horses and saying hello to the other riders while waiting for class to begin! -Meghan

My American Girl Doll, Ally, (A7-F1229) on her horse Chestnut (ag horse) practicing jumping on the sand. Outfit: American girl English riding outfit. From, Ally R

Bridget affectionately pats Autumn. From Janet.

From Jaclynn – Annika is so proud of herself for completing all of the jumps today. She and Penny make a great team!