Camp Doll Diaries Photo Challenge Week 4

Saige, Claudia and Diamond spent all morning painting their pictures from Laura Kelly’s super fun doodles and now they have them hanging up to dry before they can do anything else with them.

In case you are wondering – if you look in the Baby Shower section in the craft store you can find mini clothes pins that are perfect for hanging your doll’s art!

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE: Show us your masterpiece! There will be lots of different crafting projects this week and we want to see your doll and one Camp Doll Diaries Week 4 project on display.

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THE PRIZES: We will select THREE lucky winners at random to receive a Camp Doll Diaries souvenir.
CHALLENGE DATES: This photo challenge is open from June 24-28, 2013.

Until next time, this is Natalie signing off. Click!

Photos from our readers. Also look on Instagram (#campdolldiaries), Pinterest, and YouTube for other entries.

From Julia – Saige is art journaling with her new art apron.

From Maggie – Lily and Marie-Grace settle down in the art room to draw some art for the camp’s art show at the end of the week.

From Grace – Here are my dolls Kit and Linda. Kit is drawing a scenery of camp and Linda is making a hot air balloon.

From Brooklyn – Mia and Delilah right after they finished their paintings.

From Rachel B.-Rebecca and dell want to know who’s picture is better. Dell thinks hers is better and Rebecca thinks hers is better. Which do you think?

From Kristen L.- Saige is showing her cabin’s artwork on display.

Elsie(a Life of Faith doll) loves to paint.  She is painting two of the pictures, and later she painted another two.

~Christian Homeschooler

My doll Elizabeth works on her pottery in her art studio. From Ella.

Maddie (LMM Artsy) is ready to paint! If only she can find the art supplies.  From Dollsondablog.

My name is Monica- this is my Samantha doll showing off her newly completed drawings.

From Lubna – Up, Up and Away – Saige and Josefina inspect their hot air balloon before beginning to paint it. 

It was raining this week, so it was perfect for an arts and crafts event! Elizabeth and Felicity made their aprons, added embellishments to their jeans, painted pretty pictures… and now they are ready to show off their work! Thanks for a week packed with fun projects!  We had a very good time making some of them! From Sophie T. 
Chrissa proudly shows Sonali her picture. From Janet.
This week, Abbey Bominable signed in for the camp!  She wanted to take part in the arts and crafts week, so she made her apron (my daughter designed the pattern herself and made it all herself,based on the 18″ doll version) and she colored some pretty pictures (my daughter and her friend colored the pictures!).  Even though she might seem a bit cold at first, the girls of her cabin soon discovered how good her heart is.  They are good friends now!  From Florence.
Saige is wearing her new craft apron at the camp art show. from Kelli
My name is Jaclynn and this is a picture of my dolls finished making some decorative candles for their cabin.