Hi girls! It is time for…NATALIE’S PHOTO CHALLENGE!!! Not to mention the first day of Camp Doll Diaries!!! I am pumped to spend the Summer doing crafts, activities, and a whole bunch of other fun stuff with you guys! This summer will be amazing! So lets get started:

Can you guess what this week’s theme is?

If you guessed “Welcome Campers!” then you were right!!

THE CHALLENGE: Take a photo of your doll(s) checking in to camp, getting their cabin assignments, or making new friends. Make sure your doll has her bags and anything she needs for camp!

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THE PRIZES: We will select THREE lucky winners at random to receive a Camp Doll Diaries souvenir.
CHALLENGE DATES: This photo challenge is open from June 3-7, 2013.

Featured in this post:

  • Dolls and outfits- Ivy wearing a retired American Girl Doll Club outfit, Saige wearing an exclusive American Girl Place swimsuit cover up and flip-flops, Emily wearing Springfield doll’s jean skirt and exclusive American Girl Place tennis shoes and Seattle top, Nicki wearing Saige’s Sweater Outfit without the sweater(it is too hot for that!)and an orange bow in her hair, and Madame Alexander Princess Belle wearing the Madame Alexander white wedge shoes and purple skirt with a white American Girl Doll jean jacket.
  • Accessories- Chrissa’s Picnic Table (2009), American Girl Place exclusive red folding chair (2005), The Queens Treasures Camping chairs, a mini magnetic Checkers game and pink plastic basket (Target in the dollar aisle), American Girl Doll retired computer,  two small tubs of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream (Cherry Garcia and Cookie Dough), and an American Girl Place exclusive Coconut coin purse.

Until next time, this is Natalie signing off. Click!

Photos from our readers. Also look on Instagram (#campdolldiaries), Pinterest, Facebook.com/dolldiaries and YouTube for other entries.

Cabin 25 (AG wombats) getting together and meeting everyone. You can also see Mini Camp Doll Diaries in the corner with there homemade cabin,camp fire,and activity list!:) From Hannah AKA Ella

This photo is called “Late Sleepers”. My girls have settled into the Rainy Days cabin and are just waking up. I used AG GOTY Kanani and JLY Eileen and OG Sadie. Their dolls are a Barbie baby Kelly, random Christmas angel, and ballerina from an old mobile. From Anna G.

From Christian Homeschooler.

Here is my picture! I hope it works! And here is the link to my blog post. Girly Doll Type Thanks!!!!! 🙂

From shivalivadingdong – Jayden completing her name tag at the camp get- to- know- you- picnic.

From Sabrina: Title: Making Friends Caption: My dolls left to right Saige is wearing homemade PJs. My grandma made them. They are first set of PJs my grandma made me! Charlotte is wearing the store exclusive PJs. My dolls justed checked in and they are walking to their cabin. They are talking and having fun walking.Before Char did the camp badge craft,I got luggage tags,and used them as a badge. The badge is on their wrist. On the back it has their name.

From Cordelia – Using the ideas from Karen’s craft, I made a simple cabin for my dolls, Katherine and Rose, to use as a base during the wonderful summer of Camp Doll Diaries. I used tan and forest green foam board for the walls, followed Karen’s directions for making the curtains and cushions out of felt, and spelled out the cabin name, Cherry Rock, with old-fashioned looking nature stickers (perfect for 1904 Katherine). The bed rolls are pieces of felt tied with ribbon and the mattresses are two pieces of foam taped together. I found that two tissue boxes made a good base for each bed.

Hi, I’m Ashlee, and I would like to enter my Photo. The dolls are 4 AG’s and one hearts 4 hearts doll. They are Nicki (AG Retired), Sam (Samantha, Retired AG), Kaya (AG), Lynn (AG #49), and Tipi (H4H). If you want a caption : Nicki, Sam, Lynn, Tipi and Kaya have just arrived at camp!

From Abigail – My dolls are getting registered for camp!

Kanani is the person to check in the others and they are waiting to get their camp uniform. From Cabin Jacarandas- Kristen L.

From Michaela – McKenna and Lisa (MyAG #39) have just arrived at their cabin and are getting acquainted with their

Cabin leader, Hayley (MyAG #49) who is sitting on her bed. I made McKenna’s blue duffel bag.

Kanani is packing to go to Camp Doll Diaries!  Cabin Dollsondablog will be arriving at Camp Doll Diaries on the 8th.
From Mary – McKenna is checking in Kirsten and Felicity to Camp DollDiaries. Felicity and Kirsten have packed their favorite things to bring. The background was inspired by Karen’s post on cabin backgrounds. (I made windows using pictures I took, double stick tape, and clear plastic sheet protectors.)
From Paper Doll World – This picture is of the Sandia cabin getting settled in – Juliet and Meredith are putting up posters, Violet and Quinn are relaxing after the long trip to camp, and Perrin is petting Violet’s dog Sam. Through the window you can see the lake, forest, and Camp Doll Diaries sign.

From Amaya – My dolls making friends at camp.

Here are Nikki, Saige, and Daisy checking in and getting ready for camp! From Julia

From Jessica – This is McKenna getting settled into her bunk bed. She is also preparing the top bed for Saige when she arrives on Monday! All of the campers are excited!

From Ella – Camp Buddies.

From Kim – Saige, Jenna, and Molly have just finished checking in and are now working on there name tags at the craft booth.

From Sophie T –  Our dolls Felicity and Elizabeth just singed up tonight and they are thrilled!  They love their t-shirt too!

From Lubna – This is my entry where my girls are checking into camp. i made everything you see in the picture except for the outfits. The backdrop, check-in desk, magazines, banner, sign and table were made after the challenge was announced and the couch (yes I did make it) earlier in the summer while I was still in school.  Off To Camp: My girls handing in their registration forms and checking in while Nahji looks on. Poor girl! She forgot to register for camp, so now she has to wait until everyone checks in before she gets a space provided that there is one. What a curious predicament!