This is a guest post from one of our readers, Natalia on her new Hearts for Hearts Girls Dell. Natalia sent in a lot of photos and I chose my favorites to share with you.

It was a rainy day and I was sick with a cold. I discovered Char’s Toy Fair report about Hearts for Hearts Girls. I really liked them and checked their website quickly. There was Consuelo calling out to me. So I set up a goal to earn money for her. So that’s what I did. By the time May came, I had enough money but something was itching inside of me. Dell was also calling out to me, trying to get my attention. Then the hard decision came. Dell or Consuelo. I kept asking my parents and brother about which doll to get. My mom said Consuelo, Dad said Dell and my brother said I don’t know. But then once on Doll Diaries, someone posted a pic of Consuelo and and she didn’t seem to be calling for me anymore. So the decision was made and Dell was ordered.

Dell took a long time. Well in my mind, because it only took 8 days. My friend Hannah and I were playing a game in my room when my brother called. “Natalia, come here!” In a suspicious voice. I went to the hall and saw he was holding a box. It couldn’t be, could it? I thought. But it was. Hannah and I flipped over in excitement and couldn’t stop playing with her. I decided to share some pictures. I hope you enjoy!!

Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll Dell

Meet Dell! Here is Dell dressed in her meet outfit.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Dell shoes

A close up of Dell’s yellow shoes.

Hearts for Hearts Girls Dell accessories

Dell’s accessories including her necklace, hat, earrings, comb and hairbands.

Sitting by the lavender, smelling the sweet aroma. Watch out for bees Dell!

Dell meets Alyssa one of her new sisters. Even though Dell loves her new sisters, she thinks her and Alyssa will get along best.

Dell isn’t this bike too big? I don’t think Dell cares though, as long as she can deliver jam and pies to people.

Ta daa!  After Char’s post about groovy girls and other similar size dolls, I had to try on this. Doesn’t Dell look gorgeous. Totally princess style.

In all, I can say Hearts for hearts dolls are high quality, beautiful. If you are thinking about getting one, go ahead. You’ll love her. They are the perfect reasonable price dolls, and they are just beautiful. I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures, and I hope you have better thoughts about these dolls now. They are really precious. Help the world one heart at a time.  That’s our goal!

Thanks Natalia for sending in your photos and review!