This is a picture story put together by one of our readers, Mya. I hope you enjoy it.

After every day of school Alexis, Sabrina and Gretchen have gymnastics practice. They love it so much they don’t miss a day.

“We have to wait for the bus,” Alexis says. When Gretchen sat down she had no room to move. “Move over please I am squashed and nobody is on the other side.” Then they moved and Gretchen was happy. The bus came a few minutes later.

The bus dropped them off around the corner. Since the practice building is by the daycare, the the sisters usually go in there to look at and talk to the young babies. Gretchen loves to get on the big bed and look down. “Get down from there,” Alexis yelled, “We’ll get in trouble and we would be late for practice.”

After a few minutes they made it and they were early, too. Sabrina practiced her handstand because Coach Ann told her it needed some work. Alexis practised her cartwheel because the coach told her to practice making it more graceful.

Gretchen just sat and watched. She said she would practice handstands and cartwheels in a few minutes, but her sisters knew what that meant.

Everybody else that was early practiced splits like Deanna (my My Twinn) and Clare did before class started.

All of a sudden Clare fell over,  knocked Deanna over and she hit the beam. Alexis fell over and hit Sabrina and they all fell on Gretchen. They got back up and asked Gretchen if she was ok she said yes. Everybody laughed about it until the end of class. THE END.

Thank you Mya for sending in your sweet and creative story!