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My Twinn 18" dolls

OK! WOW! I have to say this caught me off guard a little but I just saw on the My Twinn Facebook page that they now have custom 18″ dolls and clothes… Interesting.

Over the past few years I have seen the marketing from My Twinn look a little fragmented and I was very worried that they were going to go out of business again. My guess is that by bringing the combination of the My Twinn artist created doll faces with a more “universal” 18″ doll size, My Twinn is expecting to be more competitive.  Plus they are placing them at a lower price point than the American Girl dolls – an introductory price of $89.

My Twinn 18" dolls

What I want to know – and maybe one of our sleuthy readers already knows – is what kind of body did they decide to use for the My Twinn 18″ dolls? Is it the standard 5 jointed soft body/vinyl one that is used by American Girl, Springfield, Maplelea and many others, OR did they keep the structure used in their 21″ classic My Twinn dolls where the arms are only vinyl from about the elbow down and the legs are only vinyl from mid-thigh down?

Thoughts? Does anyone have more information?