My Twinn Doll standing next to her box If you read my post a few days ago about the trend among doll manufacturers to make dolls taller to keep girls interested in playing with them longer, you will know that one of the reasons is to help girls relate to their dolls as equals or best friends. The My Twinn doll company has known that all along! Their line of custom, soft-bodied vinyl dolls stand 23″ tall and have the features and fashions of the girls who are playing with them – girls ages 6-12.

MyΒ  Twinn recently sent us one of their Adopt-a-Friend dolls to review. The My Twinn Adopt-a-Friend dolls are meant to be companion dolls or best friends to a My Twinn custom doll. When ordering from My Twinn you can choose to order a custom doll or you may pick from one of the hundreds of friend dolls that are already made. Not knowing which Adopt-a-Friend doll we were getting, I was absolutely thrilled when I opened the box and found this brown haired, brown eyed beauty dressed in a snowflake themed hoodie, jeans and tennis shoes. She is gorgeous!

My Twinn Friend doll My daughter immediately named her Rochelle and took her off to explore the house. Rochelle has soft, long, brown hair which is perfect for girls who like to spend their time practicing hair styles on their dolls.

The other thing I noticed immediately about the MyTwinn doll is their bodies are different from the jointed dolls I am used to. The MyTwinn doll bodies are soft and the hard vinyl does not start until just above their elbows and right above the knees. The dolls are very poseable, just in a different way from American Girl dolls (who are jointed at the shoulder and hip).

The My Twinn dolls have very realistic facial features and if you order one of their custom dolls, you can have the dolls match your daughter (or granddaughter, niece, best friend – you get the idea) all the way down to the freckle or birthmark. The dolls’ faces are created individually by artisans and there is an amazing level of detail all the way down to the twinkle in her eye.

My daughter LOVES dolls and usually forms some sort of connection with every doll she adds to her collection, however, I could tell immediately that she has put this doll, Rochelle into a different category. She is in Natalie’s “Best Friend Club” – meaning Rochelle will get to go places with her, watch TV with her and be treated more like a friend rather than just a doll.

My Twinn also has a large selection of matching outfits for dolls and girls – everything from fancy dresses to classic casual wear – making an outing for your daughter and her “best friend” doll even more fun! Right now they are running a promotion that if you buy the My Twinn bunkbed you can get the Adopt-a-Friend doll for $50 (regularly $99) or if you buy a custom doll and the bunkbed you get the Adopt-a-Friend doll for FREE ($99 savings) – which is a great deal, especially if you are buying for two girls this Christmas.

Another difference between the My Twinn Adopt-a-Friend and the My Twinn Just Like Me (also known as their custom doll) is the time it takes for your order to arrive. The custom dolls are made just for you so they need to be ordered 4 weeks in advance where as new Adopt-a-Friend dolls are being made every week and are available for immediate shipping.

My Twinn vs American Girl doll in size And to answer a very common question – how big are My Twinn dolls compared to American Girl dolls or other 18″ doll lines?Β  My Twinn dolls are considerably taller than their American Girl “cousins” which means they really can’t share clothes! But, I hear they all get along just fine πŸ˜‰

So, if you have now fallen in love with the My Twinn dolls like we have, go check out their site and We have a new My Twinn Giveaway going on right now! Click here to enter to win your own My Twinn doll.