My Twinn has their 18″ Adopt-a-Friend dolls on sale for $59 right now.

My Twinn 18" dolls

Now, these are not the My Twinn 18″ dolls that are customized just for you based on your specifications and photos. These are dolls that are already made and you can choose from what ever stock they have. You can narrow down your choices or just scroll through and decide which one looks most like you would want.

My Twinn dolls

Some of the Adopt-a-Friend combinations are quite cute – like I think the one on the top row second in with the bangs is sweet – and others do not appeal to me at all. However, that said, if you are interested in adding a My Twinn 18″ doll to your doll family, I think this is a much better (and more affordable) way to go about it – then there will be no surprises! They can share clothes and accessories with most other 18″ soft body doll brands like American Girl, Springfield, Madame Alexander and the like.

According to the email from My Twinn, the Adopt-a-Friend dolls are on sale for $59 today and tomorrow.