Earlier in the week I challenged you to play with the American Girl MyStyleCollage.com site and send in your collages… well, here they are!

From Juliet XD, Chestnut Street Dolls. Hi Doll Diaries! I made a MyStyleCollage the other day. I used #49 and the Roller Skating outfit. The underwear and glasses are now retired, I thought it was kind of funny that they still had those as part of the game, considering that they are no longer available from AG. I named the doll Skylar after stephenswodadancer’s #49. 


From Heather T – My doll Courtney.

From Abigail R – This is Delilah – the doll I want next.

From Eileen – Violet decided to create a collage on her snow day! She wanted to make one for her pen pal, Arrietta, but the wouldn’t allow her to type in her name! Violet hopes they change that soon.

From Vivienne.

From Jo.

From Ryan.

From Julia.

From Taylor.

From Olivia.

From Ashee.

From Kristen L.

From Xyra.

From Isabella.

From Gabby.

From Tony.

From Izzy.

From Grace.

From Vivi.

From Anne.

From Ava.

From Maia.

That was a lot of fun!! You all have such a great sense of style and all the collages turned out great!