Diana here! As 2013 wraps up, it seems it was just yesterday when we started Jan 1, 2013!  We have had a wonderful year of dolls, new ones and older ones coming back into the lime light and some retiring like Molly and Emily.  What was interesting to see was which companies and lines sold out.   Now the limited editions do not count since of course they are limited.   I know of two companies who had dolls sell out -Kidz n Cats and My Salon Doll.  I was lucky to be able to receive, the last one of Maycee for 2013.  Why did I select Maycee?    Well, let’s check her out…..

Introducing Maycee from My Salon Doll.  She has the blue/grey eyes and the golden blonde hair color.  Her hair comes straight, but I was honored that my Maycee’s hair was styled by Amber from My Salon Doll.  She styled it in spiral curls.

She is wearing one of the extra outfits offered online, which I found to be fabulous.  The dress is longer in the back than in the front, allowing the beautiful boots to show off.  

The many faces of  Maycee!

Here is a look at the back of her hair, I love the spiral curls.

Ok, shoe lovers like me, look at these boots…….!  They have a zipper, no Velcro.

Take a look at Maycee and her sister Syndi.   Syndi’s hair is strawberry blonde while Maycee is more golden blonde.  They have different color eyes which is what made me select Maycee.

Take a closer look at the eye color.  Both are lovely.

Maycee is surrounded by her friends, from left to right:  Amy, Maycee, Syndi and Maralee.

A closer look at all the hair and eye color combinations.   They are all beautiful in their own way, in my opinion. The hair is wonderful to work with and style and yes, these dolls were all sold out in 2013!   I can not wait to see what 2014 will bring us.

Do you know of any other dolls that were sold out?

Fun Facts:
1. Backdrop scene is from My Doll’s Life Play Scene  http://www.doll-clothes.com/
2. Amy and Maralee are wearing AG clothes. Maycee and Syndi are wearing outfits from My Salon Doll.
3. The opinions are that of my own and do not reflect those of Doll Diaries.