Karen here and today I am sharing about one of my favorite dolls that came to me from England! My London Guy Ollie Doll from My London Girl Doll’s is a very handsome 18 inch boy doll, with brown hair and eyes. Ollie arrived here in Canada last October when My London Girl began shipping to North America.

When Ollie arrived he came in the most adorable outfit! Purple happens to be my most favorite color and Ollie had a purple hooded jacket, shirt and black pants with the most adorable lace up running shoes and purple baseball hat.

Last Spring my wonderful friend Deena picked up Ollie’s PJ’s from the My London Girl Store while she was in London. I  was over the moon. These are so cute on him and they actually look great on my 18 inch girl dolls as well. Ollie has his own line of clothes in store and on line.

My favorite outfit is the Beefeater outfit I would love to get it! Seriously look how cute is this outfit?

Ollie is the perfect tea party guest , brother or friend doll and he is one of my most favorite dolls.

I had fun making him holiday neck ties and clothing on my blog last year and finding clothing for him has been a welcome challenge.

My friends in the dolly world have helped me out by making and sending him clothing all year. My friend Dacia made me a Dr. Who shirt for him as I am a huge fan and my friend Bee made him the shorts, she even sent along a Disney-themed Car’s backpack for him.

My London Guy and Girl Dolls are adorable and I am so thrilled to have him in my doll family. You can find out more about My London Girl Dolls by visiting their website