Although we all wish spring would get here, there is still snow somewhere around the globe.  I found these adorable outfits from “My Life As” which is carried by Walmart.  At first they were $14.97 but recently they have reduced them to $9.00. Let’s take a look…

Here is the back of the box, it shows all three outfits, as well as what is included with each pack.

The skier is one of my favorites.  It comes with skis, boots which can be removed from the skis and they have a slit in the back making it easy to put on and take off the doll, very nice skiing suit and the top is lined, and a cap for the head.  The colors are all the USA colors and probably represent the USA team in the Olympics.  Although USA is not marked anywhere on the outfit.  The only thing missing from the set were the ski poles, which I made to complete the outfit.

The skaters are adorable, there are two outfits, one red and the other blue.  Henriette is wearing the complete outfit which comes with the skates with slit in the back, legging white pants, skater outfit, medal, light jacket and a hairband with a red flower.   Callie is wearing the blue outfit and does not have the jacket or the pants on so as to show off the skating outfit, it is very stylish.  The two outfits are exactly the same except for the color.

Here is the whole team, the skaters show off their medals, while the skier practices on the slopes.

The quality is nice and by no means that of the AG outfits, but I did find that for $9 they were very colorful and came with a lot of accessories, and a very nice tribute to the Olympics.

My Life As Doll Clothes Winter Sports
1. All props are part of my collection.
2. All outfits were purchased by me and the review is solely my opinion.