If you have been reading Doll Diaries for any length of time you know that one of the things I really want to be able to do is knit and crochet so I can make some cute things for the dolls like the pretty outfits in Nicky Epstein’s newest book, Crochet for Dolls (that I will review later this week). While I have been off my feet the past few weeks, my Mom has been over quite a bit to help me out (you are never too old to be spoiled by Mom!!) and she even helped me finally get the hang of some basic crochet!

Crochet hair bow for American Girl dolls

I made a rectangle using a basic single crochet that was about 18 stitches long and maybe 6 rows wide.ย  Once I finished my rectangle, I pinched the crocheted piece in the center and tied a piece of yarn around the center. I attached the bow to a ponytail holder by simply wrapping a longer piece of yarn around theย  bow and ponytail and tying it off. EASY PEASY!

Crocheted hair bow for American Girl dolls

I was inspired to make the bow in the first place after my friend Randa of CrochetGranny.com sent me a bunch of cute hair bows she had made for the dolls. (You can see her bows in this post I did) My version is a variation of hers and while my stitches leave a lot to be desired when it comes to uniformity and all that good stuff, I am very happy with my first bow!

For those of you who can already crochet – this is the easiest little accessory to make for your dolls – you can make a whole bunch in no time. If you are new to crochet, this is the perfect first project.