Marjorie of My Dolly Addiction visited London recently and was kind enough to take some photos for us.


I went to London last week (Sept 14th-20th)! Here are some photos I’d like to share with fellow dolly lovers.

The display at Harrods Toy Kingdom.

The dolly wall at Harrods, featuring A Girl for All Time Matilda and Amelia, along with the Kidz n Cats dolls.

An awesome dollhouse at Harrods

The first Ellowyne I’ve seen in real life

Adorable Guard Bear at Hamleys

The Royal Wedding in Legos at Hamleys

Emma (PenPalGirls) and Henry (Pottery Barn Kids by Gotz) at home modeling their new outfits from My London Girl


Thanks Marjorie for giving us a tour of London in dolls!!