My American Girl 39

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a fabulous day. For those of you celebrating Hanukkah or other holidays, I hope your celebrations are going well, too. So, while we all wait for the press embargo on McKenna news to be lifted, I wanted to share a few photos of My American Girl #39 – the one with the layered caramel color hair and blue eyes.

American Girl doll #39

Oh wait, there are two of them! Funny thing happened! Natalie and my niece both asked for the same doll for Christmas. They haven’t seen each other in months and had not talked to each other about what doll they were asking for.  Natalie named her doll Calista – she is the one wearing the blue raincoat and she has her ears pierced. My niece named her doll Raquel and she is wearing a purple dress that came with a girl sized version of the dress too. Calista’s pet is Ginger the cat and Raquel got Chocolate Chip.

American Girl Doll 39

The girls met at Grandma’s house today and played all afternoon long.

It will be interesting to see how close in looks #39 is to the new GOTY 2012, McKenna Brooks. I will post comparison photos soon as we will be getting McKenna for sure.

I will also be posting more photos of the dolls and accessories my girls got today as well as more reader photos tomorrow.

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  1. Firstie! I love that dress, do you know where she got it?

  2. Zoe – I think it is by Dollie & Me which you can get at Kohls and other stores like that.

  3. Hailey gould says:

    Vey cute!! i got JLY #29, the pet show outfit, the healthy smile set and the wheelchair!!!!
    i was really surprised to get the doll cause my mom said my dad didn’t get it for me. i told my dad later that he should have recorded my reaction on the video camera. it was the best christmas ever

  4. How cute that they asked for the same doll! I’m am quite impatiently awaiting the press release for McKenna…save me from the suspense!

  5. Cute! #39 is my look-alike.

  6. I decided to keep Cecile :) I got Ceciles parlor desk,her parlor outfit (I got so chocolate on the white blouse and my mom is going to bleach it tomorrow ),Marie grace skirt set, Marie grace dog Argos ,and Ceciles accessories :) (don’t call me spoiled because my other family members got me some of those things I listed )

  7. Claire6land says:

    Haha, funniest thing, I got the exact same doll as well! She is so pretty, I love her. I named her Virginia after my favorite Christmas movie, ‘Yes, Virginia’

    And I also got the ski outfit and the skiing outfit accessories!! My sister got Ivy. She is so cute! My sis also got the Midnight Skating Outfit and Ivy’s accessories!!

  8. How cute! I got an IPod Touch instead of a doll this year. I’m hoping to go back to the Seattle store with my parents this Summer and hopefully get #49. : )

  9. She doesnt look to similar to McKenna.

  10. I gave my #39 freckles so that if I get McKenna which is likely since there is a video of someone that actually got the doll, and I just love her. If you wanna see the video just click my name to watch it.

  11. Cami- Thanks for the link! She dosn’t look too similar to #39. : D
    Can anyone put a comment of all the dolls with the classic mold, the Josefina mold ect? I know thats ALOT to ask but I’d really appriciate it. Thanks!

  12. Ninethie! SOO cute!!

  13. Oh, a post dedicated to my fist AG doll Mackenzie! I love her dearly! OMG that’s right the embargo drops for McKenna tommorrow. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!

  14. Thànks for the video!

  15. ggrrrrrr….. now i cant wait for 2 things ! to get home and get my christmas presents and see all the mckenna stuff

  16. i found some MCKENNA stuff!!!!!! she has a loft bed

  17. @Smileyags Pictures?

  18. I don’t plan on getting McKenna, but she is quite pretty, and I am super excited to see her stuff!!!! For Christmas I got ( Among other stuff ) the Saila Maplelea doll, and can I just say I LOVE HER???? She is so beautiful, and fits perfectly with Taryn and Jenna. ^-^

  19. How do you get the doll #?

  20. I’m guessing McKenna will look like a cross between Chrissa and MAG #39: Both of which I own. McKenna’s collection looks nice, but I doubt my sister and I will be getting the doll. Like I said, I’d love a doll with light skin, shoulder-length brown hair, freckles, brown eyes, and side bangs. Something simple: a lot of girls have light skin, brown hair, and brown eyes. I actually also really wanted a modern-day AA doll… but no one listens to us. LOL I named my MAG#39, who is my latest doll, Mollie Isobel. She also has her ears pierced. I’ve actually sort of grown out of my American girls (since I’m almost 15), and I’m not sure if I’ll get any more any time soon, but I do enjoy dressing the ones I have and playing with their hair is always fun. I always check this website around this time of year to see what the new GOTY will be like. For me, 2011 and 2012 don’t seem so promising as 2008, 2009, and 2010 were.

    -Love Cassie and the dolls: Emma (#13), Kit, Nellie, Ava (#25), Julia, Mia, Chrissa, Lanie, Addison (#17), and Mollie (#39)

  21. I have one of them! Her name is Reece. She looks just like me except for the eyes.

  22. So cute! For Christmas, I got the Everyday Accessories, some of Cecile and Marie-Grace’s clothes (along with the Crinoline and Chemise set), 2 of Julie’s outfits, Julie’s sound accessories, and, the greatest surprise of all… Kit with her accessories!!!!!! She’s my 4th AG doll, and she’s SO CUTE!!!!! I’ll do a post about what I got for Christmas, and I’ll put it on my blog today (click on my name to bring my blog up)

  23. i got cecile for christmas!!!!!! i also got american girl craft stuff too:D and on the ag website they r having an end of the year sale so i might get something there

  24. alexandra real name says:

    i have this doll jly #39

  25. i have # 39 she was my first american girl doll!This doll stuff i got, for christmas i got:julie( my sister got ivy), the merry and bright drees and accesories,julies pajama’s for dolls and girls (i’m wearing them RITE now!! LoL) kanani’s lu’au set, spring field boots, springfield rain boots&jacket&hat,springfield white fluffy coat (my sister got one too) ,rebecca fashion studio,julies accessories and some blue pajamas that have a rainbow on i gave to ivy. and i’m not spoiled they came from each different family members! i got julies pajamas i believe beacause i wanted kananis for me and her but i did not get her pjs for me beacauase they are sold out and i’m getting in febuary.

  26. I wanted her.

  27. The AG stuff i got was Ivy. And i want to buy the Cozy Sweater outfit but my mom dosnt want to put anything on the credit card. :( Is there anyway I can buy AG stuff from their website without a credit card? There is no AG place around me inless i want to dive to Atlana or Chicogo.

  28. Hayley: If i posted EVERYTHING i got for christmas I might seem spolied but i really didnt get that much at all.

  29. Those dolls are so cute!!!!!! 😀


  30. i’m getting mekeena but i already have 39… i’m a little worried.

  31. Char, Emily looks a lot like Calista, you should compare them and see! :)

  32. Great idea! I plan on doing some photography today so I will include Emily and Calista.

  33. i have number 39

  34. I look exactly like doll 39!!!

  35. Both of those dolls are my twin, i’m going to buy Emily soon because I’ve been saving up my money. Do you like Emily or Calista better Char?

  36. Uh I posted this on the wrong thing. Sorry!!!!!!!

  37. Caitlin – I like Emily better, but my daughter loves Calista more. It just depends on what you like really.

  38. Yeah your right it depends on who you are. :)

  39. Personally, my favorite doll is Mia. She’s the best.
    Cutest freckles.

    And I got one doll just to name her after a character on Private Practice… soo….. O.o

  40. I love the Mia books, Cassie, they are my favorite!

  41. I have that doll too! Her name is Grace and I absolutely ADORE her! I built my dolls a house in a cabinet.[It is double-doored]. I love to play with her and I believe I am obsessed with AG!

  42. all i got for chrismas was a IPOD a weelchair and a make a bear for you and your doll doll diner i think thats what its called and hello kitty mini set and a buch of outfits for my doll and doll tees

  43. Abby- i am obsessed too and a side of my room is all ag doll stuff and it took me and my mom 2 years to finish it! and i am still working on it!! i am soooooo obsessed!!!!!!!!!

  44. ABBY- PLEASE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!