Another one of our awesome readers, Madelon, who I hope to meet along with her daughter soon, has been sending me the best photos all month of items she has found at various stores for just a few dollars and has repurposed into items for her daughter’s dolls. LOVE IT!

Mini ornaments

Mini Nutcracker ornaments from Kohls become toys for Cecile.

A $4 harp ornament from Macy’s is a new musical instrument for Kanani’s party.

Madelon found these two ornaments at Kmart in the Jaclyn Smith Golden Heritage ornament collection. They were originally 4.99, but had been marked down 40 percent. At about 3.00 a piece, they reminded her of Marie-Grace and Cecile’s food at the ball and were a bargain.

Target is selling puffy jackets for dogs for $2.50. With McKenna’s interest in horses, Madelon thought the jacket might work as a horse blanket.

Target also has Ugly Pet Sweaters for $2.50 which can be repurposed into a sweater tunic for dolls. Madelon paired this small size sweater with black leggings with sparkly bottoms from My Dolls Life.
She went shopping at Safeway and found these very cute gift card holders for 2.99 each.They made great purses or carryalls for the dolls. My favorite is the candy cane bag.
And here is a good “off-brand” deal on a scooter for your dolls. The scooter was $19.99 from K-mart. Its manufacturer is What a Doll! Kanani’s vest is made from one of the $2.50 pet vests from Target, too.
Thanks so much for sharing all these great finds and creative doll ideas, Madelon!!