Set those DVRs! Rumor has it that some mention of the new American Girl Doll of the Year 2008 – Mia will be made tomorrow, November 21 on the Oprah show.

And, some of the bookstores have the following summaries posted for the Mia stories:

MiaMia (American Girl Today) – Mia St. Clair is a ten-year-old girl living in upstate New York. She has grown up playing ice hockey wit her three older brothers on the pond behind their house. Mia’s got the skills and the scrappiness it takes to be a star hockey player, but she’s tired of skating in her brothers’ shadows and has decided to follow her heart and pursue figure skating instead. Does she have what it takes to grow and compete as a figure skaters? When a new coach arrives, Mia finds herself gently pushed by the coach at the same time that she’s pulled by her brothers. Can she stay true to her heart and follow her own path? Can she hold her own in a world of competitive skating?
Bravo MiaBravo, Mia! (American Girl Today) – Mia St. Clair can’t wait for Regionals. Or can she? Mia has been training all year to master the moves she needs to compete at the Regional Figure Skating Competition. It’s her first time competing at that level, and Mia is eager for and worried about Regionals all at the same time. Is she a good enough skater? Does she have what it takes to survive in the world of competitive figure skating–and still be a good sport? When a family crisis threatens Mia’s chances of going to Regionals, Mia is heartbroken. But she knows that being a good sport means accepting challenges–even big losses–with determination and grace.

I wonder what she will look like?! Will she look like Michelle Kwan as some have speculated or will she look different than any one expected?