More photos of the new American Girl Historical Character, Caroline Abbott and her collection are showing up on the web today. AGOverseasfan has put together a video compilation of them and they were posted on Maryland Pinks and Greens.

Caroline Abbott Skiff Boat Sail boat

It looks like Caroline, whose story takes place in 1812, has a Skiff (a type of small boat). That is definitely something we have not seen from American Girl before.

American Girl Caroline Abbott Parlor Room

This must be Caroline’s “big” item – her parlor, complete with drawers that open, accessories, a fireplace and window seat. I actually can not wait to see this piece up close and personal – it looks very nice from the photos.

What do you think of her collection so far? I’m thinking a trip to American Girl the weekend of her release may be in order.

And here are even more photos of Caroline from the catalog that is about to be released.