More Photos of American Girl of the Year 2013 Saige Copeland

First of all THESE ARE NOT MY PHOTOS! Someone who already has the new American Girl of the Year (GOTY 2013) Saige has posted her for sale on eBay. (Note to American Girl’s PR people, you might want to pick your “mommy blogger” reviewers a little better in the future – it is evident that some of them don’t really value your product or their relationship with you.)

American Girl GOTY 2013 Saige Copeland

I did, however, take the photos from the eBay listing and created a small collage from them so you could get a better look at Saige and her book while we are waiting for even more photos of Saige and her collection to surface.

It definitely looks like Saige’s hair comes in a loose braid and may have some wave to it when it is down. I do like her meet dress – it is very simple, but cute. The boots are my favorite part.

From the bottom photo it shows her name is Saige Copeland and her best friend’s name is Tessa. She wants to ride Mimi’s horse Picasso in a parade, too. 

There are two names that may or may not be discrepancies:

  • On the back of this book Saige’s best friend is called Tessa. In the descriptions we found earlier this year, her name seems to be Gabi (unless Gabi is a second friend)
  • Also, the back of book talks about Mimi’s horse and the horse being named Picasso, where as the horse mentioned in early book descriptions is Georgia.
Below are links to the descriptions we have put together from Amazon, Library of Congress and Georgetown Publications:
  • Meet Saige – American Girl of the Year 2013 – Book 1 by Jessie Haas and illustratorSarah Davis – Upset that her New Mexico school can only afford music and art teachers in alternate years, fourth-grader Saige works with her grandmother, Mimi, to plan a fundraiser but when Mimi has an accident, Saige relies on new friend Gabi to help. (LOC linkAnd a more complete summary: Life is changing for our 2013 Girl of the Year. Her grandma is still recovering from the accident, and she misses the time they spent together. She takes comfort in riding Georgia, her grandma’s youngest horse. She knows her grandma needs cheering up, so our Girl of the Year comes up with a plan to restore their special art afternoons. Inspired by her grandma, she organizes a “Day of Beige” at her school to show how boring the world would be without creativity and color. Things are finally starting to get better, and then grandma tells her of plans to sell Georgia. Can our Girl of the Year find a way to keep the horse she loves – and help save the arts at her school?
So what do you think? Any guesses as to what will be in her collection – other than the obvious horse?


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  1. @Kaylee Woah, I never noticed that either until now. Roflcopter! XD
    First, they copy McKenna’s face mold from Chrissa’s, then they make Saige’s looks somewhat based off of #55. Now, there’s Tessa vs. Tess. 😛
    American Girl, y u no do something new? -_-

  2. I agree with you about the Mommy blogger thing…they should choose people like you who are really into American Girl Dolls to review their products. When Caroline has not come out yet in the store, several people in my area were selling her already in Craigslist and I asked them how they got it in advance. They told me they were sent to them for free to review in their blog. I looked at their blogs, they were not even reviews, most of them just posted the pics and just announced when she is coming out. Or I might be mistaken, you might have been chosen by AG before to review their product?

  3. I love Saige, and I would buy her wioth my Christmas money..but my favorite band is going on tour next year!!!! Saving up for VIP :) I’ll have to get on my knees and beg my Mom this time…haha lol I don’t even now if they are coming in town yet.
    If not, then maybe I’ll buy Saige. But I wish she came with more stuff. I mean Kanani had a flower and necklace, all she has is earrings and her dress seems really thin.
    I wonder what kind of contest AG will have this time…I bet it’s a art contest!

  4. Can you get a picture of saige without her hair net need to see her without the hair net I have $147 so far I am going to get her starter Collection ( if I get the money)


  5. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Saige is MINE!!!!

  6. I’m thinking the blogs for review are chosen BECAUSE the people don’t post about AG normally, and they bring in a new audience who reads blogs about historical books or middle class living into the world of AG.

  7. Oh, Venus, you always give me a good laugh! Tessa vs. Tess, who will win?! LOL!

  8. My mom says I can get Saige as a good grade present if I get all 90% or higher on my report card. Its times like these I wish I hadn’t taken algebra 1 instead of pre-algebra. :( I guess its time to study like a mad girl!!!

  9. I wish I knew how to become one of those who get free stuff to review. If I did, I can tell you what I would not release photos without the companies approval, I would seriously look the product over and give a thorough review of it. I think those who have gotten the Saige doll have been dishonest, I think being honest should be formost on the list of things in life.

  10. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @Deyja I did that to myself this summer. I got Julie.

  11. This is the most beautiful outfit love the blue outfit I am going to the american girl store in Miami look out for me :)

  12. She’s cute. I like the freckles and the boots. But it does seem like she should come with more. Earrings, a one-piece dress, boots, and a book? And maybe some kind of ring, based on the eBay pictures? There should be more to her.

    I understand AG tries to keep the GotY dolls different from the MAGs, but why is this the 3RD recent new release with weird greenish blue eyes? Marie Grace, Caroline, now Saige. Even McKenna had blue. Kanani’s and Cecile’s were hazel. What does AG have against brown and normal green?

    I’ll have to see more pictures of Saige before I decide if she’s for me.

  13. Pretty Irish AG says:

    Saige is going to be a graduation gift from my great uncle, great aunt and cousin. They claimed the money they gave me as fun money. I practically have enough to buy Saige’s starter collection.

    Me: Thanks, I’ll spend it on college.
    My cousin: OH NO YOU WON’T!!! This is fun money. Spend it on something that makes you happy.

    **NOTE: I would invest in Zumba certification, if Santa said that he would do it if it doesn’t interfere with school

  14. I’m gonna get Saige for my birthday witch is only Jan. 9!!!

  15. @Gabriella My birthday is on Jan. 23! But, I think my dad and I are going to the AG Place to get Saige on Jan. 1. 😀
    And I’m taking McKenna with me because her birthday is on Jan. 7. Plus, as former Girl of the Year, I want her to pass on the torch to Saige like I did last year when I took Kanani with me to get McKenna. ^_^

  16. Pretty Irish AG says:

    I showed this picture to my art teacher. She loved everything about Saige

  17. @Pretty Irish AG I should totally visit my high school and show Saige to my art teacher. I’ll probably end up seeing her at the AG Place. XD

  18. kanani lover says:

    did anyone else notice how Mackenna looked like Chrissa andsorta acted like Mia I mean there is little difference between gymnastics and Ice skating. I should know because I used to be a gymnast, my friend is a gymnast, and I do ice skating lessons. Plus Saige looks a lot like Nikki

  19. That’s cause they’re the same doll with a different wig. Going for both Saige/Nicki and McK/Chrissa.

    I’ve done both gymnastics and ice skating, and while I put both under the umbrella of “dance”, I wouldn’t call them the same. Different skills needed, different muscles in different areas, and when you fall in gymnastics you don’t fall on hard ice.

  20. She is so cute! How can I convince my Mom to let me buy her?

  21. I wonder if her earrings can come out?

  22. Pretty Irish AG says:

    @Venus I only showed Saige to my art teacher because I am really close to my art teacher. She’s practically my sister.