More Photos of American Girl Isabelle

So, a few of our readers have shared that someone already has the new American Girl GOTY 2014 and has taken multiple photos of her out of the box and with her other dolls. 

You can see more of the photos here: DollyDormDiaries. This is the first I have heard of this blog but they have beautiful photos and scenes for their dolls.

The closer we get to her official release I am sure more photos will start showing up.

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  1. AGJulie says:

    She is beautiful! She does look quite like some other dolls but she’s still really cute!!

  2. Elly says:

    I really like her and plan on buying her january 1st

  3. Dakota says:

    How did she get Isebele?!?!?!

  4. Dakota says:


  5. Dakota says:

    I have Mia and Mckenna and she seems way to similar to them. Face of Mia and hair of Mckenna. I will (Hopefully) get Saige from my Hubby

  6. Camille says:

    I am also a ballerina just like GOTY 2014!!!! I might convince my parents to purchase me that doll after my Ballet Christmas recital for Christmas.

  7. crazy4chrissa says:

    Hey… I was just on AG’s facebook page and someone posted a picture of Isabelle!! And AG hasn’t removed it…
    Didn’t someone put info on McKenna before she was released on AG Facebook, too, but I thought AG removed that!!! Isn’t that kinda interesting… any thoughts on this??!?! :)
    Your friend, ~~Crazy4Chrissa~~ (Chrissa Marie) :)

  8. Alisha C. says:

    She’s pretty, but she doesn’t excite me as much as the first time I saw her, now that I have a better look at her. I was already disappointed that her eyes weren’t gray like some theorized they might be, but happy if they were a new shade of green like they appeared to be first. Now that I find out they’re just the same hazel eyes that’s already been on several dolls I’m even more disappointed :/ she looks almost just like Lanie except with straightened hair, and I tend to agree with Maggie that the clip-in pink tips look kind of cheap and don’t match up with her hair texture. I bet she’ll have some great dance costumes though, I’m looking more forward to those now!

  9. crazy4chrissa says:

    Ummm… My last comment is still awaiting moderation but anyways I mentioned that last night someone posted a picture of Isabelle on the AG Facebook page!!! This morning, THE PICTURE WAS GONE!!!
    Someone else just asked the question of “Who is the GOTY?” on AG Facebook and there were responses with the following info:

    Someone tried to sell her on ebay last month but AG made them take the listing down.
    AG gave some Isabelle dolls to a few doll bloggers to review on Jan 1st.

    Char, I thought you should know that DollDiaries is mentioned more than once about having pics and info on GOTY (don’t worry, it wasn’t me!) along with Dolly Dorm Diaries.

    I found all this info to be interesting… What does everyone think??
    Your friend, ~~Crazy4Chrissa~~ (Chrissa Marie)

  10. DipperloveSaige says:

    @Crazy4Chrissa, wow, that is interesting! I never visited the AG Facebook, but, I wonder why did they take it down?

  11. crazy4chrissa says:

    Hey *DipperloveSaige* I just started getting on their Facebook page recently. I don’t have Facebook (neither does anyone in my family) but if you go to they have a link to their Facebook page (it’s at the bottom of their home page) and you can view it for free!!
    I wonder why they took it down, too! Maybe because they just want to keep it a surprise longer??
    Thanks for replying!!
    Your Friend, ~~Crazy4Chrissa~~ (Chrissa Marie) :)

  12. Gail says:

    maybe ill get her mini doll

  13. i think she’s very pretty just like mia

  14. Natalia says:

    Wow. Now that I’ve seen pictures of her in real life, I am really loving her… Oh oh…
    She is sooo cute!
    I love her eye color, and her hair color is JUST like mine. my hair is blondish-brownish, with brownish ends! Finally a doll like me!
    Except that I have brown eyes, but whatever.
    So yes, she is really cute.. Like extremely…
    And I’m loving her story, and name..
    She’s just so cute!

  15. DipperlovesSaige says:

    Do you know that Dolly Dorm diaries is selling Isabelle? I got the first bid!

  16. Clover says:

    A stock photo of Isabelle with what looks like her accessories.

  17. agcheer13 says:

    I really can’t wait for the 2014 girl of the year….she seems really pretty and im considering going to the ag store to get her january 1st.

  18. Bethany says:

    I really like her! I think i will buy her in 2014!!!! She is kind of like mckenna but still gorgeous!!

  19. DipperlovesSaige says:

    I can’t believe Dolly Dorm Diaries is selling Isabelle! If she bought her,why did she selling her?

  20. Bailey13 says:

    I have saved up all my money to get her!!