Are you ready for a REALLY long post? I have a whole bunch more photos to upload from our visit to AGDC this week and if I don’t just get them uploaded today, it may never happen. 

If you are looking for the Samantha photos look here and Addy’s photos are here and the girl sized outfit post is here.

American Girl Julie

At the BeForever pre-launch event they had a table set up for the girls to write messages on stickers to put on the big BeForever poster. Julie and Caroline were there to greet the girls.

BeForever Launch

That’s Natalie’s sticker on the poster. Megan and Natalie were the first girls at the DC store to add stickers to the poster.

BeForever trunk

Each of the guests for the event got a doll sized trunk. The trunk is paper and has a ribbon handle. Inside the trunk there is a small journal and stickers. There was also a bookmark and an American Girl magazine in the bag.


We took some Camp Doll Diaries pins with us and gave them out to some of our doll friends that we met while were were there. This KC’s daughter’s Saige showing off her pin. Saige and her owner were oh so cute in their matching dresses.

KC’s daughters and Natalie with their dolls while waiting for some treats at the Sweet Treats Bar. 

The sweet doll hair bows that are given to each guest in the Bistro – I used mine as a bracelet. 


Isabelle was on the sweets counter along with her special signature sugar cookies.

Kit and Samantha

Meanwhile Kit and Samantha were on the reservations desk for the Bistro. 


Caroline in her new Party Gown ($36) looking an awful lot like Cinderella! I do think that shade of blue is very pretty though. Caroline’s Table and Treats set is $150 and definitely takes its inspiration from the retired set from Cecile and Marie Grace. I know some people have complained that AG basically repurposed this set, but I think it is great – it gives more people the opportunity to buy it for use with Marie Grace, Cecile, Caroline, Felicity and Elizabeth – it is a nice set for any of those dolls and their historical time frames.

I forgot to include this photo of Samantha’s cash register in my earlier post. It gives  you a better idea as to the detail in the piece and you can see that the drawer opens, too.

American Girl Hair Kits

Addy ($22), Rebecca ($20) and Kaya ($18) all got new hair styling sets. 

Kaya's Hair Styling Set

This is Kaya’s hair styling set. (My original insight into this set was wrong and I am going to need to do some research, just like I did with Samantha’s boots)

Julie's Egg Chair

Julie’s Egg Chair ($100) is truly a groovy piece! Her Snack Set accessories are sold separately for $50.

Julie's Snack Set

Isn’t the owl tumbler just sooo cute. The Jello parfait and the deviled eggs are soooo 70s too! The straw in the owl tumbler even moves – you can “stir” the contents with it.

Julie's new outfits

Julie got three new outfits in addition to her new “meet” outfit. I just adore her Holiday Dress ($34) and that was my purchase at the store on Thursday. I will post some photos of Julie modeling it soon. She also got a new Tunic Outfit ($34) and a new Winter Coat ($34). The thing about Julie’s collection is that it really is such a snapshot of my childhood – and so many other Moms, too! I think I had a dress like her Holiday dress and I know I had a Winter Coat like that but mine was red.

Rebecca's Holiday Outfit

Rebecca’s Holiday Dress ($34) is just beautiful! In addition to her new meet outfit, this is her only new outfit. We did not buy this dress at the store but once I looked at the photos again I went ahead and ordered it. Her Tea Time Treats ($58) set is new also new.

Rebecca's Directors Set

Rebecca is a budding actress and got a new Director’s Set – it is $75. We have a red and white directors chair that was an AGPNY exclusive in 2003ish and the Focus Board we have from the Doll Star set.

American Girl Kit

Kit’s new Photographer’s Outfit ($34) is in the lower corner of this photo. How do you like her new hair cut? The style seems a bit shorter and rounder than what our Kit has. I would be interested to see if it looks the same after it has been brushed out.

Kit's Reporter Outfit

Since we recently bought Kit’s old Reporter Outfit, I doubt we will be adding this one to our collection anytime soon. There are parts of her new Reporter Outfit ($28) that I like, but I’m just not moved by it. That’s okay, we can’t all like the same thing!!

We met our good friend Belle (you may remember her from our Dollie & Me review and Isabelle movie party posts) and her adorable sister Claire at the debut, too! They arrived later in the morning and Natalie had so much fun showing Belle all the new items around the store. Personally I thing Belle and Isabelle are twins! 

I told you Claire was adorable! She is the happiest little girl I know and she could have spent all day in the Bitty Baby section of the store. I mean, does it get any better than a doll in each hand when you are t-w-o? I don’t think so!!

Like I said before, I always seem to miss a few photos when I go. I did not take enough photos of Josefina and her collection and somehow, I missed a few of the collection display cases, too. I hope you enjoyed the photos I did take – we had a great day!