American Girl author Lisa Yee has shared even more of her photos and commentary from the 25th Anniversary American Girl Cruise. I love Lisa’s sense of humor and how could you not love her little mascot Peepy who makes it into just about every photo in some way shape or form.

Author Lisa Yee reading on the American Girl cruise

Here is a photo of Lisa Yee reading Aloha Kanani to guests on the American Girl Cruise. Check out more of her photos on Bedtime Stories and Exploring St. Kitt’s.

Lisa Yee American Girl Fashion Show

This is a photo of Lisa Yee and the American Girl Fashion Show models as “her characters” Kanani and Ivy.  See more photos of the Fashion Show and St. Maarten from Lisa Yee.

Lisa Yee Peepy

And here is Lisa’s famous little mascot, Peepy waiting for dinner with a few fabulous friends. See more photos of the food, fun and San Juan from Lisa Yee.

In an exchange on Twitter with Lisa, she said she has more photos coming next week and gave me permission to share all of these with you. It looks like it was an amazing trip and Lisa obviously enjoys what she does!