So the press embargo has been lifted and those who got the press packets are now allowed to share what they know about McKenna, the American Girl of the Year for 2012. As I find information, I will post it here.

Let’s start with her collection.

This is a photo of her loft bed with a desk underneath it. The photo is from Bonggamom Finds and you can read more about the McKenna series and see more photos at her site. Some of McKenna’s collection include: a gymnastics leotard, a balance beam, a set of bars, pajamas, a cast and crutches set, and a loft bed with a desk under it.

Here is another photo I just found from one of her books that shows what I am pretty sure will be another one of her outfits:

This is the same outfit that showed up on eBay a while back (no, I don’t have the link anymore, but I did see it and it looked just like this). This photo is from Mommies with Style. She shows the book cover and two photos of interior pages – this one and one of McKenna climbing the rope wearing a gymnastics t-shirt – I’m pretty sure the t-shirt will also be part of her collection.

Bonggamom also has a giveaway going on for the books in McKenna’s collection.

American Girl Doll Talk has a podcast interview with one of the American Girl PR Reps about the release of McKenna if you want to listen to that.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the McKenna movie is scheduled for a July release.

And of course, the post I have had open for a while that is all the details about her books, the movie and more American Girl 2012 What We Know So Far.

I will be updating this as I find more links so if you have them, share in the comments.