Let me just say, there is one set in this new release from American Girl that just knocks my socks off!! A HUGE thank you to Sue and her daughter who went to the Columbus American Girl store that is scheduled to open this weekend and took some wonderful photos for us. They also have a special surprise for us – but you will have to wait a few days for that.


My daughter and I have been very blessed and lucky this past week when it comes to American Girl.  First, we were able to attend the Friends and Family training session at the new Bistro on Monday which means my Ellie and her best friend Ellie W. were able to have lunch courtesy of American Girl.  Both girls brought Saige, so we had double Ellies and double Saiges.  It was cute to see the new employees trying to learn all of the doll names from the little girls who are clearly experts.  The Bistro is small, only 24 seats, and the event was so crowded that they had to scramble to keep it managed.  Our server, Emily, did a great job in spite of the chaos. On Monday we were not able to browse or shop, but we were let in on the secret that the soft opening would begin today at 10:00 a.m.  Thankfully word had not gotten out and there were only a few of us there at 10.

On to the new “stuff.”  None of the historical dolls had anything new, at least as far as the employees knew.  Saige has a new outfit ($28) and picnic set with tamales ($38).  No “Day of Beige” outfit for those of you who have read  “Saige Paints the Sky.”

My favorite new item is the Science Lab Set ($36).  (MINE TOO!!) It comes with a microscope, 5 slides in a box, 3 test tubes with a rack, a pair of safety glasses, an apron and a science book.  It was only on display behind a case next to a large window, so I apologize for the glare in the photo.

There is a new food set with lots of pieces but at $58 we decided to stick with our home-crafted versions.

Two new MyAG dolls:  Number 59 & 60 look remarkably similar.  The lighting in AG Place is always a little odd to me, but from what I could see, both dolls have light skin, #59 has dark green eyes and brown hair with a few highlights while #60 has dark eyes and darker brown hair.

No new pets that I could see but new bed for Coconut.

Shown with new purple pi’s:

Those three new outfits are meant to “mix n’ match.”  If you buy all three together, you also get the accessories at the bottom of the second photo as a bonus.

New earrings, including stick-on gems.  Prices on the hair pieces were $12 for extensions and $20 for the buns (I think the braids were in between these prices).

A new Witch Costume and Talent Show Set.  I think they were each around $34.

I don’t know if the locker is new, but the “Stackable Lunch Set” shown at the bottom is.  My daughter loved the set but not the price.  It comes with three bento-style box layers and the purple bag that is shown at the bottom of the locker as well as several pieces of food — apple, sandwich etc.

Finally, saving the best for last, is the Campus Snack Cart.  Ellie and I both LOVE this, but not the price ($150).  It comes with a ton of little items and would be so much fun to play with so we will be doing our best to craft this one.

There are a few new items that I did not get photos of including new things for the Bitty Twins (though I couldn’t tell you what because my daughter and I don’t know that department) and a few new shoes.  So we didn’t spoil everything being released in July. 


Just added – based on your questions, Sue sent me a few more photos:

Here is the basketball outfit in a new color,  it comes with a ball but for some reason it was missing from this display.

I cropped the photo so people can see #60 which looks a lot like #59.

New color for the backpack.  I liked the mechanical pencils that you can see in her hand.


THANK YOU SO MUCH Sue and Ellie!! In my opinion, this has to be one of the BEST sets of new releases from AG in a LONG time. That science set – so going to buy it!! What do you like? What is going on your wish list and what do you think you can just craft instead?