Our Generation actually has quite a few new accessory sets out, not just the cute laptop Char showed you earlier this week! Let’s take a look at some of them being displayed by the dolls and then in their “package” shots.

We are so late! said Chrissa as see looks at her new heart shaped watch.  The others agree, although girls are fashionably late..;-)  Let’s take a closer look at each.

Chrissa is wearing anew OG outfit (I think it is meant for Valentine’s Day), but it comes with a very nice shawl, heart shape purse, head band and shoes.  She is also wearing the accessories that come in the jewelry pack.  The necklace, watch and bracelet.  It all comes together in a very stylish way.

Maddy is showing off the beautiful beige dress from AG (came out in the Spring) but we have added a pink rose short jacket (this came in the Journey Girl accessory pack for $9.99) and the pink purse and silver gloves form the new OG accessory pack.  Note:  The theater tickets in her hands and the program in the purse are part of the Journey Girl accessory pack.  A little bit from different places put together for a fun evening.

McKenna is wearing a new outfit from OG which comes with a short fur jacket, shoes and purse.  She is holding the pink lip gloss that comes with the pink purse accessory pack.  McKenna is applying the finishing touches before leaving with the girls.

Maria is in a more casual dress for going shopping or strolling in the park.  She has the polka dotted purse, mirror and red lip gloss that come in the polka dotted accessory pack.  She is also wearing the tights from the socks n tights accessory pack.

Here are the accessory packs on their own:

Jewelry pack:  necklace, bracelet, watch and pouch for the jewelry.

Polka dot purse: mirror, red lip gloss, key chain, wallet

Pink purse: pink purse with flowers, long silver gloves, pink lip gloss, mirror, perfume bottle

Socks N Tights:  two pair of socks, and the softest tights I have ever seen from OG.

These sets are about $7 each and each store is getting assortment packs with two of each set in them. In other words, if you see them get them.