As we get closer to the Holidays,  the Our Generation Collection keeps surprising us with new accessories.  Besides their new line of “Retro” outfits and accessories, here is an awesome set for the outdoor adventure girl.  I had been searching for this set for several weeks and finally today I found it.  All the accessories sets are on sale from $16.99 to $13.99 until 11/27.  So lets take a look at the “What A Trek” set….

I just could not believe all the wonderful items it comes with:  flashlight, food, backpack, camera, camping dishes and cups, cooking utensils,  and even pancakes.  My favorite item and something not found in any other set are the band aids.

Amy was my helper today, so as she sat on the table packing up her backpack (yes, she already claim it), she found the bug spray.  She had already packed the band aids, campus and sunscreen lotion in the backpack.  The flashlight went into one side pocket and the water bottle in the other side pocket.

Amy was so happy when she found the camera.  She was looking forward to taking pictures of all the animals.

Oh, so much food!  The set brings a granola bar (open and ready to eat), an apple, banana and peanut butter sandwich. Even some pancakes for breakfast.

All this food made Amy hungry, so she asked if she could have the granola bar.  How can I resist?

Once the Backpack was packed with all the supplies, it was time to go outside and try it on.  As you can see Amy was able to carry the backpack and stand on her own.  As Amy looks for the perfect place to camp out.

Amy keeps looking to see where she will start her adventure, there is so much to explore!

Now it was time to go back inside, since the adventure would not start until tomorrow.  Amy just could not keep her mind off  how her tent was going to look set up.   She has a lot to do to get ready for her camping adventure, but at least now she has all the supplies.

Fun Facts:
If you can find this set and you like camping adventures, I highly recommend it.  This set can only be found in stores right now, it has not been posted to the Target website.