Our friends at Hearts for Hearts Girls know how excited we have been about the release of Mosi and Shola and they were so kind as to send us Mosi and Shola to review. Mosi and Shola arrived on Saturday and that evening we visited my parent’s farm where Natalie did a little photo shoot with Mosi.

Mosi is definitely cuter than I expected her to be! Even though there were some changes that had to be made from her prototype to production versions, she definitely is awesome.

Mosi’s hair is just gorgeous! It is long and has just a bit of curl at the ends. Her feather is plastic and attaches with a clear ponytail so it can easily be removed and replaced with a real feather if you want to.

What a sweet face! I do think she looks a lot like Consuelo – I will have to take some side by side photos of all the Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls we have.

We are headed out to a swim meet so more photos of Mosi and Shola will have to come tomorrow! Have a great afternoon.