While I was taming the mess that has taken over my office this evening I decided to see if Maru (the 20″ slim body doll I reviewed recently) could wear any of the Carpatina 18″ slim body clothes.

Maru wears Carpatina

I tried the purple Private School dress on her first and while I could squeeze her into it, it really was too tight. Next I tried one of my all time favorite dresses – the Pink Polka – and while it didn’t fit perfectly (a few of the snaps in the back don’t snap), it does look pretty cute on Maru.

Maru wears Carpatina

Maru was even able to wear the Carpatina shoes – even though they were a little big. I think this dress looks pretty cute on her.

I also tried some Kidz ‘n Cats doll clothes on her – they were too small, but the shoes fit. I am going to have to try a few American Girl pieces on her next.

Once I was finished trying outfits on her, I put her back in her meet outfit – which is definitely my favorite for her right now and took a handful of photos.

Maru and Friends

There is just something so sweet about this little face – so genuine and almost lifelike.

Maru wears Carpatina

See how those big brown eyes and perfect skin just draw your eye in…

I will definitely have her do more outfit swapping and I want to see which other dolls can wear her clothes next.