More Maru

While I was taming the mess that has taken over my office this evening I decided to see if Maru (the 20″ slim body doll I reviewed recently) could wear any of the Carpatina 18″ slim body clothes.

Maru wears Carpatina

I tried the purple Private School dress on her first and while I could squeeze her into it, it really was too tight. Next I tried one of my all time favorite dresses – the Pink Polka – and while it didn’t fit perfectly (a few of the snaps in the back don’t snap), it does look pretty cute on Maru.

Maru wears Carpatina

Maru was even able to wear the Carpatina shoes – even though they were a little big. I think this dress looks pretty cute on her.

I also tried some Kidz ‘n Cats doll clothes on her – they were too small, but the shoes fit. I am going to have to try a few American Girl pieces on her next.

Once I was finished trying outfits on her, I put her back in her meet outfit – which is definitely my favorite for her right now and took a handful of photos.

Maru and Friends

There is just something so sweet about this little face – so genuine and almost lifelike.

Maru wears Carpatina

See how those big brown eyes and perfect skin just draw your eye in…

I will definitely have her do more outfit swapping and I want to see which other dolls can wear her clothes next.

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  1. What a lovely doll! She looks beautiful in the polka dot dress!

  2. Maru is beautiful!

  3. Prettyful polka dot dress! Wait, polka dots…
    *puts on rainbow afro, makes Me Gusta face* 😉

  4. StoryTeller says:

    “Thirdie Birdie,” to quote Venus! : D
    Maru really does have a sweet little face. : )
    I’m not sure I really like the joint where her neck meets her shoulders, though. There’s just not something quite right looking about it to me. Besides that, I think she’s darling.

  5. StoryTeller – that may be why I like her in her meet outfit the most. Her face is just so pretty though.

  6. 6thie! I love Maru! AHHH!!! XD

  7. StoryTeller says:

    Aaahh, Venus did beat me to being thirdie! : D
    Maru’s meet outfit is definitely her best look. It’s goes wonderfully with her coloring, and it looks so cozy!

  8. try a girls for all time clothes next!

  9. Gail – I know that won’t work. Maru is 20″ tall and A Girl for All Time is 16″ tall – too much difference. I will try some AG and other 18″ doll clothes on her and see how they fit.

  10. She looks do realistic in the photos!

  11. Is there going to be a giveaway for a Maru doll?
    or one of her friends?

  12. I’m not sure yet.

  13. kananirulz says:

    reallyreaallllly hope so
    can’t wait to see how Ag looks on maru

  14. Maru! Come to meeeeeeeeee!

  15. Hi Char, Maru’s face is pretty, but what doesn’t seem right is that her shoulders slant down, not a normal look. All other dolls have straight shoulders so her neck looks long and not natural. The AG clothes are big on her as are the shoes. I have made clothes for this doll. thanks

  16. I agree, her neck does look a little weird. But her face is just darling! Her eyes are very pretty.

  17. shes soooo cute I had my nutcracker performace today

  18. Hi, Char! I was wondering if you would recommend Maru? She is so darling, and as you said, she has a sweet little face! Is her body and hair good quality?

  19. Megan – I definitely recommend Maru – She is a very high quality doll and her clothes are very well made and detailed.

  20. She is adorable. Are you going to giveaway a doll later this month?

  21. Maddie – I am not sure yet.