Little House on the Prairie Doll Accessories

When I did my ‘Little on the Prairie’ series of posts in February 2015, I had no idea that The Queen’s Treasures was about to launch an adorable line of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ items of their very own.  I am so glad they did; it gave me inspiration for additional items I could craft for the set I had already put so much time.


doll washboard

  • ½ inch round dowel rods
  • ½ inch square dowel rods
  • ½ x ¼ inch rectangle dowel rods
  • ¼ inch thick flat wood remnant
  • Wood glue
  • Silver paint
  • Wood stain
  • Sealer
  • Coping saw (with fine tooth)
  1. The ½ inch round dowel rod was cut into seven 3 inch pieces. These pieces were lined up and glued to each other;  once dry they were painted silver. Let dry.
  2. The square dowel was cut into two 6-1/2 inch pieces.
  3. The rectangular dowel was cut into two 3 inch pieces and one 4-1/4 inch piece.
  4. The flat scrap wood was cut into two 1×3 inch pieces and glued on top of each other.
  5. All the wood pieces in # 2,3,4 where stained. Let dry.
  6. Wood pieces were assembled and glued as in picture.
  7. I used a sealing spray over the washboard just in case my girls really rubbed doll clothes over it and didn’t want any chance of paint or stain transfer.

Campfire Tripod

doll campfire tripod

  • ½ inch wood dowel rods
  • ½ inch screw eyes
  • Recycled key chain links
  • S hook
  • Floral wire
  • Black spray paint

The ½ inch dowel was cut into three 12 inch pieces.  An eye hood was screw to the top of each.  The eye hooks were joined with floral wire.  Using two needle nose pliers I recycled links from old key chains to create the drop chain and attached to the wired knot with more floral wire.  An S-hook was attached and clamped down on chain end.  I did attach remnants of non skid pads to bottom dowel rods to keep from slipping if my daughters wanted to play with the tripod on a smooth surface.

doll campfire tripod 2

I attached the dutch oven I made in a past post and placed a set of logs we already had under the tripod.  The tripod folds easily and tucks away in the wagon when not in use.

Pioneer Broom

doll prairie broom

I found a stick in the yard.  Cut it down to 10-1/2 inches.  The stick was sanded.  I added a little stain and sealer.  I recycled an old real broom…cut off a few straw ends before pitching it, these pieces were hot glued around the bottom end.  I added a little twine for detail.

Pioneer Iron

doll prairie iron

Well I have to admit on the iron I cheated.  I had a few OG irons.  So I took one that was a little ruffed up from play and painted it black to give it a cast iron look.  Easy-peasy.

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