Thanks to our fabulous readers, here are some more photos from the Lea debut at various American Girl stores.

First up – From Sarah: “I went to the Lea release on Jan 1st to the pop up store in Portland, OR. The store was very small and did not have all of the Lea displays. They mostly just had her outfits. Behind me in the first photo is all the displays they had for Lea. They were doing the arts and crafts and gave away the same things as the bigger stores. This store also had one station for a “hair salon”. Overall, it was very crowded and did not have much selection. I renamed my Lea, Presley Jubilee Clark.”




Now a few more from the DC store taken by Madelon (and Madelon, I am bummed I didn’t see you this time – I did see SewBig and Melangell though).





And from Paige – some photos from the Nashville store:

“Today I went to the AGNashville store down in Franklin, TN since I only live 30 minutes away from it… Anyways, I took some pictures while I was there and thought I’d share them since I haven’t seen any pictures from the Nashville store.”



My sister posing with Lea.
The store is nice however I am kinda upset that the store doesn’t have the book store like the other ones. Another thing is that it’s pretty small making it pretty hot when it gets crowded.
Thanks again for sending these photos in! And don’t forget to enter to win Lea Clark in our giveaway!