Between Diana, Maxine (My Doll Best Friend in the UK), Madelon, and myself, you have been getting quite a Gotz education lately! Gotz is such a major player in the play doll market, and you can find them in the most unlikely of places, I think the more we all know, the better.

Diana has been busy again this week, adding to her Gotz collection and creating fun stories for us as well. ENJOY!!


Char, Maxine and I have been inspirational to each other, so here is my story to you.

As soon as I found Franja with blue eyes (go see Gotz Goodness last week for pix), I found that there existed a redhead with blue eyes.  So with the help of Maxine and a little research, we found that the redhead blue/grey eyes was an older version of Hannah walking the dog (2010 and earlier) in 2011 they changed her eyes to be brown with red hair.  So I was determine to find one!  Ebay had a Steiff but it was way out of my price range and besides it had mold.  I kept looking, then I saw a listing for a blonde with no bangs Sarah, almost got her but someone got it first. Then I saw a brunette Sarah and noticed it was the same seller.  I emailed the seller and asked if they had a redhead Sarah and she did and yes she could sell it to me.  She not only had the redhead with blue eyes, but she also had another blonde with no bangs.  They were both in a box, never been opened.  She was very reasonably priced.  This all happened on my birthday on Friday, April 19th.  It took less the 30 mins and she put them in the mail, I got them today.  yes Christmas in April!  Enjoy the pictures!

Both Sarahs in their boxes when they arrived.

Sarah “Walking the Dog” outside her box as she came. (had to take a picture because she will never be like this again)

Sarah the “Hip Hop” talking on her cell phone as she came, she also brought three different color hair attachments and I put the pink one on her. (Had to take a pictures because she will never be like this again)

After Diana’s touch the new Sarah “Walking the Dog” has been re-named Maxine

After Diana’s touch the new “Hip Hop” Sarah is named Char

Maxine and Char as friends.

Last week Hannah found out she had a brother named Peter, she asked me to please bring him to the USA.  So since Hannah was my first girl, how can I say no?

Gotz Peter is a limited addition and only 3,000 of him were made, unlike the World of Sarah/Hannah which was a mass production.  I was lucky to find him, he is number 191 out of 3,000, he came wearing his traditional Bavarian outfit.  Here are his photos:

Peter’s arrival in his traditional Bavarian outfit and mop hair style a true German style boy doll.

Peter became in style once he arrived in his new home.

Here are close-ups of Peter, notice the resemblance to Hannah?

Here is the before and after pix of Peter, do you recognize him?

Hannah was so overjoyed to have Peter at home, she immediately introduced him to her friend Char.

Hannah and Peter together, brother and sister reunited.


Thank you so much Diana for these gorgeous photos – and I am flattered to have a spot in your collection with my “best friend” Maxine!