More Fun with Ellowyne

My new Ellowyne from Wilde Imagination has got the most amazing hair to work with!! I decided to take a cue from Megan and give Elle a crown braid – very similar to what Megan does with her own hair on a regular basis. Ellowyne’s hair is very long – going well below her behind and is very fine and silky. I thought it would tangle easy or be hard to work with, but I was wrong – it is wonderful!

Ellowyne fashion doll crown braid

Ellowyne’s hair does very well in the crown braid. I just realized I missed one tiny strand of hair and it is in her face. UGH.

Ellowyne Wilde Imagination

Some mornings you just need a good cup of tea or coffee to get you started. Ellowyne is drinking her coffee from one of the American Girl Bistro mugs we picked up during our last trip to the American Girl Store.

Dark Days Ellowyne

Ellowyne found the E! In this picture you can really see how long her hair is.

More photos of my Ellowyne can be found on the Doll Diaries Facebook page, too.


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  1. Cute! Looks really pretty!

  2. Cute! Looks really pretty!

  3. Sorry, typo, I think

  4. i think she is really pretty! Char~ when are you going to put up the winners of the pet prade?


  5. Megan – I will post them in a little while

  6. kk thx char!!!

  7. wow this hair style looks soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful on Ellowyne!!!!!!!!!!! i did not even notice the tiny strand of hair in her face untill i read the thing you said about it!!!

  8. Wow, I usually do NOT like non-smiling dolls at all, but Ellowyne looks AMAZING!

  9. Well, she is sorta smiling, but looks mostly non-happy

  10. super-dee-dooper!

  11. usually i just cut the hair off

    what, its only one strand