Elizabeth’s photos of her Ellowyne dolls have been so much fun to look at and this week she is sharing even more photos with us – but of even more dolls she has in her collection. Elizabeth’s collection is a great example of what I have heard from a few very esteemed doll collectors – collect what you LOVE. Your dolls do not all have be from the same brand or same size. So, now over to Elizabeth…

Hi, its Elizabeth again. I noticed on the Doll Diaries Facebook page a request for pictures of a variety of dolls. Since I have been enjoying dolls basically all my life and I’m 23 now, I have very large and varied collection of dolls from the past 20 or so years. So I put together some displays with a lot of different dolls.  Most of the dolls in these pictures are from the past three or so years, since those were the brands requested on Facebook. The oldest dolls would be the Gene Marshall dolls and I am not certain when I bought them but it was definitely more than five years ago. possibly even ten or more. Time flies when you are collecting dolls.

Elizabeth's collection

First, a very formal party! Everyone dressed up for this one. From left to right we begin with a BFC Ink doll wearing a dress that used to belong to a porcelain doll. Then we have a Barbie doll. Next is Gene Marshall doll “American Countess”. Then a LIV doll wearing a Barbie outfit I purchased on Ebay. Then my gorgeous new Ellowyne “Plaid to Meet You” wearing a different wig. In front another Moxie Girl doll wearing a dress I sewed for her. All the way on the right is a Moxie Teenz doll who has borrowed one of Ellowyne’s wigs for this photo shoot. It is a little too loose but it stays on okay for a picture. A fancy wig can really dress up a less expensive doll!

Elizabeth's collection

Again, left to right. All the way on the left, is a “Brenda Starr” Tonner doll who is the same size as a Tyler Wentworth doll. She is wearing a blue dress and hat I made for her. Shorter than her is a Disney Fairy Doll. Then there is a Moxie Girl doll wearing a dress I made for her out of Kleenex and some scotch tape. In the pink 1920’s dress is a BFC Ink doll. “Raw Edges” Ellowyne in the center says “Welcome to the Shakespearean Historical Appreciation Society Semi Annual Masquerade Party. Thank you for all coming in costume!” She is wearing a dress that used to belong to a porcelain doll but doesn’t anymore. In front of her is a Playmobil Princess. Next to her is another Moxie Girl. Then there is a LIV doll wearing a Barbie Little Bo Peep outfit. A Mini American Girl Samantha is standing beside a Star Doll. There is also a cute little teddy bear in a ballerina costume sitting on the chair behind.

Elizabeth's collection

Here is a party that even I am not quite certain what the theme or level of formality was supposed to be… However, the dolls all seem to be having a good time. From left to right there is Gene Marshall doll “Calendar Girl” inspired by Coca Cola, she is holding a small coke bottle in her hand. Next a BFC Ink doll holding a tiny Ariel princess doll. Beside her is Hearts for Hearts doll Consuela wearing her fiesta dress. Leaning on her is a LIV doll. Then there is a very tiny Lego Friends doll next to the Barbie Fashionista. A trio of fairy tale themed Moxie Girls next. Then there is an American Girl doll. Lastly is my Mom’s “Plaid to Meet You” Ellowyne wearing a different wig.

Ellowyne Raw Edges

And Queen Rhiannon (“Raw Edges” Ellowyne) insisted on having a picture of just her. She can be a bit insistent sometimes…

Elizabeths doll collection

And, just for fun, here is a picture of the whole cabinet display area. It is supposed to be an American Girl dollhouse of sorts. The top room has Rebecca’s bed in it on one side and a sort of parlor on the other. Then there is the fancy ball room with the grand piano one side and a banquet table on the other. The lowest room is the kitchen with Kit’s cook stove on the left and a table and chairs on the right. However, it is so full of dolls right now you hardly can see the furniture.

There, I think that was about sixteen different types of dolls if you include the Lego friend and and the Playmobil princess.  I really like the Moxie Girl dolls, I think they are very cute. Of course, I like all of these dolls, though some I absolutely love and others I just like and there are a few, like the Gene Marshall and LIV dolls, that I liked when I bought them but they now have been surpassed by some of the more recent dolls I’ve acquired. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Thanks Elizabeth for sharing your fantastic and varied doll collection!! We look forward to more of your photos soon.