There is always something interesting happening in Diana’s doll world – let’s take a look and see what she has been up to lately!

 Here is a doll bed Diana found for $4.95 in a Thrift shop and she restored it to be Felicity’s bed.  It came with no mattress or pillow and it was falling apart.  She fixed it, washed the country style bedspread and made the mattress and pillow.  She embroidered a design that not only would matched the bedspread but also the style of embroidery done in that era. Amazing talent!!

Diana found Felicity’s Scenes and Settings on eBay and it looks perfect with the bed. Felicity even looks happy to be making her bed today!

Diana found this Gotz Hannah doll on eBay. When she arrived Diana restored her to her beautiful child like state.  The dress she is wearing was made by Diana and the shoes are Journey Girls.  Her hair was in good condition but a mess. She had a good cleaning, hair shampooed and styled to her original look.  This is a wonderful doll, so….beautiful. We think she is brunette Hannah from Gotz.

Diana found this on ebay for $45, she is like the American Girl doll but she is Jessica from Gotz.

OH WOW!!! Here she is after leaving the Diana’s Doll Hospital. She is wearing her new Easter Dress and shoes. Diana made the dress last night, it is a vintage style dress.

Here are Helen (Kidz n Cats) and Hannah (Hannah Gotz) waiting at the Ice Cream Parlor. Helen is texting Jessica to see when she will be arriving. These outfits are new from Journey Girl and fit perfectly.

This one is especially for Doll Diaries and all the fans!

Thank  you Diana for sharing your amazing talent with us!!