More Doll History – Sasha, Gotz, Fanouche

It’s time for another doll history lesson from Diana!


So what is Fanouche you ask? I will tell you but first a little history…

In 1965 an English doll named Sasha was created by a Swiss artist called Sasha Morgenthaler. The English made Sasha Dolls were produced at Stockport, Cheshire by John and Sara Doggart who ran the factory for over twenty years. Here is the link for the entire history:

In 1988 Gotz and Sylvia Natterer (doll Artist) joined to create dolls for Gotz. In 1989 Sylvia introduced Fanouche and her friends as a line of dolls that Gotz would distribute. Sylvia was influenced by the Sasha dolls as you can see in her dolls. The early Fanouche dolls had no bottom eyelashes and sold very well, she added the bottom lashes in 1994, so from 1989 until 1993 doll’s faces were painted without bottom lashes, In 2000 Gotz celebrated their 50th year in business and Sylvia’s Fanouche come in all sizes with a theme of “Come and play with Fanouche”, these dolls all had bottom eyelashes.

Introducing the Sasha dolls made in England

Here are Dorothe and Madleine as they arrived to their new home.

My first Fanouche was a 15″ blonde which I found at Tuesday Morning many years ago. Here she is with her big sister Dorothe and friend Madleine. My little Fanouche was introduced in 1994, she has bottom eyelashes. Her name is Yvette.

Here they are sitting and getting ready to play “Go Fish”, but wait Yvette wants to show them her artwork in the Etch a Sketch. They are playing in the game room setting from the Samantha’s Setting and Scenes books. Table and chairs are from The Queen’s Treasures.

Here is a closer look at Madleine who has blue eyes, freckles and gorgeous brown hair down to her knees. She wears her hair in a french braid styled by previous owner, she is 18″ tall. She has no bottom eyelashes and she was introduced in 1990. Her face mold/head is from the original ones in 1989. The back of her neck has 89 which is when the head mold was created.

Here is a closer look at Dorothe who has brown eyes and straight blonde hair to way below her waist. She has bottom eyelashes, she was introduced in 2000 and her face is a little different then Madleine, her chin is pointier. She is known as a friend to Fanouche.

Here is a closer look at Yvette, notice her right hand is at angle. This is so she can be posed to wave. She has blue eyes and long blonde hair to her waist. She is 15″ tall.

So who is Fanouche? Well, Fanouche is the first doll made in 1989 with the face mold of my Madleine, but the first Fanouche was a redhead with curly and straight hair, later her curls were removed and she just had the straight hair. She measured 18″ and as with all the Fanouche and friends has a full vinyl body. Thier eyes are painted and are known to always be looking at you no matter at what angle you pose them. These dolls were meant to be played with and their hair is rooted and of the best quality. One last bit of information, the dolls did not start to have individual names until around 1993 and after, before then they were just known as Fanouche.



Thanks Diana for sharing this! I am definitely going to have to go do more research on Sasha dolls and Fanouche.

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  14. Thank you Char for posting these and I owe a lot of Thanks to Maxine who was the one who inspired me to go check out my doll room when she mentioned Fanouche to me…;-)

  15. I love Sasha’s . Their skin tone was selected to represent children of all races .

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    To add a tidbit to the connection between Sasha dolls and Fanouche, Gotz also produced some German Sasha dolls in the late 1960s and 1990s.

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