It’s official, I am going to have to come up with another contest or something so I can have a good excuse to give away more Doll Diaries t-shirts to our readers (feel free to leave me some ideas in the comments below). The photos I am receiving are just so cute! So, if you have received one of the Doll Diaries t-shirts for your doll and have not sent in a photo yet, please, please, pretty please, email me a photo of your doll modeling it or post it on your own site so we can see them!

If you’d like to see the photos I have received over the past few weeks, check out the original Doll Diaries T-Shirt Love post. I will be adding the latest photos here.

Mary’s doll Emily looks adorable in her new shirt . And the little Thank You note is precious!

Tari’s doll Margaret was still modeling some hip fashions when her Doll Diaries t-shirt arrived – I’m loving the two ponytail look.

And here is a close up photo of Margaret modeling her new shirt.

doll diaries sock monkey

How cute is Susan’s Sock Monkey modeling the Doll Diaries t-shirt?? Love it!


And Susan’s Chatty Cathy looks very cute wearing the shirt too.

Penny’s dolls having a post-Halloween Party!

If you have a photo of your doll modeling one of the Doll Diaries shirts, email it to me at We’d love to share it!

And again, we’d like to thank My Doll’s Life for providing the actual t-shirts for us to add the Doll Diaries design to.