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It’s official, I am going to have to come up with another contest or something so I can have a good excuse to give away more Doll Diaries t-shirts to our readers (feel free to leave me some ideas in the comments below). The photos I am receiving are just so cute! So, if you have received one of the Doll Diaries t-shirts for your doll and have not sent in a photo yet, please, please, pretty please, email me a photo of your doll modeling it or post it on your own site so we can see them!

If you’d like to see the photos I have received over the past few weeks, check out the original Doll Diaries T-Shirt Love post. I will be adding the latest photos here.

Mary’s doll Emily looks adorable in her new shirt . And the little Thank You note is precious!

Tari’s doll Margaret was still modeling some hip fashions when her Doll Diaries t-shirt arrived – I’m loving the two ponytail look.

And here is a close up photo of Margaret modeling her new shirt.

doll diaries sock monkey

How cute is Susan’s Sock Monkey modeling the Doll Diaries t-shirt?? Love it!


And Susan’s Chatty Cathy looks very cute wearing the shirt too.

Penny’s dolls having a post-Halloween Party!

If you have a photo of your doll modeling one of the Doll Diaries shirts, email it to me at share@dolldiaries.com. We’d love to share it!

And again, we’d like to thank My Doll’s Life for providing the actual t-shirts for us to add the Doll Diaries design to.