More American Girl Doll Crafts

So, its Saturday and you just don’t know what you might want to do today. Why not get crafty and make something new and fun for your dolls? Check out these cute patterns I found:

recycled doll bed craft

From the DIY Network show Creative Juice, you can make a bed for your doll very easily using an old breakfast tray. Get the directions for making your own recycled doll bed.

Barbie craft

Don’t leave out Barbie! You can make a sofa for Barbie and her pals out of a tissue box. paper towel roll and some fun fabric. Get creative and make it fit your American Girl dolls, too. Get the directions for the Barbie sofa craft.

Doll Knitting Pattern

Got some knitting skills? Check out this super cute doll halter top and shrug that you can knit easily. The pattern is free and can be found at Soulful Hues Hobbies.

For even more doll craft ideas, check out:

And as always, if you make something cool and creative for your dolls, snap a picture of it and send it to and we may feature it on the site!

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  1. wow this is so cool

  2. barbie sofa! so cool

  3. Alyssa aka (Alyssa8) says:

    This is so cool I will try to do this next weekend!

    I will not be on for awile because I am sleppping over at my aunt’s house tonight. She is the one that told me about the Rebecca event. Last time she gave me a pures that can carry Ag.

  4. Cool. I have the international version of the contemporary wardrobe book. I might have to make some things or my girls now.

  5. Mallory says:

    I want to make these!!! Cuteness!!! 😀

  6. So cute! This is awesome!

    Today it is my birthday! :mrgreen:

    Can you visit my site and leave a comment, please? I’ll check out your doll blog too!


  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Thanks a lot, Ava! :)

  9. Sure Grace!!! I’d love to see it!!! Click my name for Molly’s blog!!! 😀

  10. Alyssa aka (Alyssa8) says:

    Happy belated B-day Grace! I saw you on yuour blog. You are the same age as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my parents do not want me to have a blog.

  11. Happy bleated B-day to you, Grace! “Happy birthday to you, you live in a zoo, and you smell like a monkey, too!” :mrgreen: How old are you? I’m turning eleven on October, can’t wait! 😀

  12. Hey, alex17! Heard your one of the daughters of Char. 😀 I should ask my mom to help me with the sofa, because I have a barbie TV! Cool, huh? 8)

  13. Cool, I’m going to 11 on October! Your welcome. 😀

  14. Thanks Juliet!
    Aww, I wish you could have a blog, Alyssa! I’m sure it would be great.
    And thanks, Mallory!