My Wilde Imagination Ellowyne doll was getting a little bored on the shelf today and decided it was time to go see if there was anything new and fun in Megan’s room.

When Ellowyne got to Megan’s room she found a few shiny new medals sitting on her dresser. This one she got for Balance Beam at a recent meet where that was also a “pink” meet – meaning it was a fundraiser for Breast Cancer charities. Ellowyne loves the applause of the crowd so she could not resist trying it on, giving a salute and hearing the American Girls in the room cheer for her.

Next Ellowyne decided to check out Megan’s jewelry and found a cute little pearly bracelet that she quickly converted into a necklace for herself. She absolutely loves this new box Megan has on her desk to keep little trinkets in. I think Ellowyne would look great in those shoes.

Ellowyne told me she was bored with that crown braid and wanted something different. I just love working with her long silky hair so I tried this fishtail braid on it. I love how the fishtail looks on Ellowyne’s blonde hair – don’t you? It is easier than it looks, too – check out Megan’s video tutorial on the Fishtail Braid – which is how I learned.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Ellowyne!