I have to admit, Monster High Dolls are starting to grow on me a bit. Yes, I know they are kinda creepy looking, but I am starting to appreciate the humor with which they are marketed and the tribute to monsters throughout mythology and pop culture.  So, when I was approached by HalloweenCostumes.com to review one of the Monster High costumes, of course I agreed. They let us choose which costume to review and my daughter picked Lagoona Blue (she is a swimmer and likes Lagoona Blue’s fins).

The Lagoona Blue Costume Monster High Costume comes with a top that is actually a jacket and shirt that are attached together and kind of look like a leotard with a jacket over it in teal and pink fish scale patterns. I think the top is super adorable and very age appropriate! The bottom is a skirt (which I think is a bit short) with built in shorts. It also comes with light blue fishnet leggings – but we will substitute light blue opaque leggings for Halloween and there are fins for the arms and legs that just slide on. The costume retails for about $25 (depending on where you get it).

The costume is not complete without the wig – unless you have long blonde hair and want to put some teal streaks in it – but be very careful with the wig! Since the wig is long and curled, it tangles almost immediately!! It looks very cute on, just handle with care. The Lagoona Blue wig retails for about $15.

The package shows Lagoona Blue carrying a fish bowl purse – I have to figure out how to make one of these for my daughter’s Halloween adventure – she could use it for collecting the candy. I’m thinking I may just have to paint a regular jack-o-lantern blue and either draw or find a large fish decal to put on the side. And no, she will not be wearing giant black high heels like the doll does.

As far as kids Halloween costumes go, the Monster High costumes are comparable in quality and fit to most that you will find – especially those based on licensed characters. But, the good thing about Halloween costumes is they can be used for dress up and costume play all year long. I expect that Monster High costumes will be one of the most popular lines of costumes for tween girls this Halloween – and Halloween is the perfect time of year to spotlight the Monster High characters.

Right now they have costumes for five of the Monster High characters, but you could probably make costumes for many of the characters with a little creativity from what you already have at home.  Click on the images below for more details on ordering or inspiration for your DIY costume.

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