Mollys Patterns for Little Miss Matched Girls

Patterns for Little Miss Matched Girl clothes

We LOVE our Little Miss Matched Girls by Tonner Toys, and you can buy some great mix and match fashion packs for them very afford-ably, however, being able to make your own clothes for your dolls is even better! Molly has come up with some patterns of her own for the LMM Girls.

Go visit Molly’s blog – Toferet’s Empty Bobbin and check out the Patternpalooza post for a few patterns for the Little Miss Matched Girls. With a little creativity, I bet the patterns could be altered to fit some of your other dolls, too.

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  1. firstie! cool!

  2. Cool! Secondie!

  3. Thanks for sharing my patterns, I hope to have patterns for other types of dolls in the future!

  4. hi claire my names claire too lol!

  5. How tall is a little miss match girl?

  6. How tall is a little miss match girl

  7. They are about 15″ tall.

  8. cool i want to give the artsy girl a makeover so much!

  9. Megan aka Megz says:

    Char- my mom just emailed you with the address! and THANK YOU!!!!!!!