Editor’s Note: This was originally posted by Elle123 at the Hostboard forum and is being reposted here with permission from Elle123.

Last night, my daughter and I joined 3 other girls and 2 other moms for the Molly movie premiere. We were lucky enough to go to the Felicity premiere last year, and jumped at the chance to see Molly before everyone else.

We got to the store around 4pm, and proceeded immediately to the hair salon, because the girls had decided they wanted to get their dolls’ hair done. My daughter brought her Elizabeth, who was most in need. The other dolls brought were 2 Felicitys and 1 Molly. We dropped them off and went to walk around the store. Saw all the new stuff and the movie props.

After some time, we went to check in for the movie, and who did we see but Molly herself, Maya Ritter! We knew we were in for a treat! Each girl was given a VIG pass (Very important Girl) that looked like a backstage pass. We took our seats in the theatre and waited for the movie to start. The editorial director from AG Publications in Wisconsin was there and introduced Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, the producer of the movie, and said there were other cast members who would be signing autographs after the movie! Our girls were beside themselves, begging to get signatures from ALL OF THEM.

The movie started at that point, and I have to say, without giving anything away, that it was really good, and might be my favorite of the three so far, possibly because it was more modern, and I love the time period (I was a history major in school and took every WWII course offered). I saw Soledad O’Brien in there with her girls, and she seemed to enjoy the movie too!

After the movie, they introduced Ms. Thomas and she thanked the director and film editor, and another producer (missed her name, but I *think* she is Julia Roberts’ sister). They then introduced the cast (all the McIntyre kids, and the girls who played Susan and Linda). The girls were given goody bags with a Molly AG short story, a movie poster, a toy camera, milk jug and mule ride statue. Then, we lined up in the historical section to have them sign our movie posters. I stupidly forgot my camera, but ran to the register and bought a disposable one for the event. The actors were all really sweet with the girls, and seemed genuinely touched by their excitement. I was especially enchanted by Samantha, who played Linda. She was very down to earth, introducing herself to each girl whose poster she signed, and getting into photos with anyone who asked.

All in all, it was an amazing night, for the girls and for the moms as well! I cannot thank AG enough for that experience!