This is a guest post by Molly, the winner of the Doll Diaries pajamas giveaway.


Hi Char,

I got my package last Thursday with the Doll Diaries Exclusive Pajamas that I won, and as promised, here are pictures.

American Girl doll Emily got to try them on first, and once she put them on, she wouldn’t take them off! She wore them all afternoon and night and all of the next morning. I told she needed to give her sisters a turn, though, and then she obliged me.

I really wanted to try them on A Life of Faith doll Elsie Dinsmore. Elsie is 18 3/4 inches tall, so just a hair larger than American Girl dolls. That doesn’t usually make much of a difference in the way clothes fit. She is also completely vinyl, so her body has a different shape than American Girl dolls. The pj’s fit the same on her, although the tunic style makes her look larger around the middle than a nightgown would. Since Elsie is my “youngest” doll, I like the way nightgowns make her look more like a little girl. Emily will probably wear these most often.

Finally, I tried these on Ellen. Ellen is just one of those muslin dolls you can find at Joann craft stores. She has an iron-on face and a (very tangled!) curly haired wig. Her arms must be larger around than Elsie and Emily’s, because she had some trouble getting the shirt on. Same with the leggings. I didn’t even try putting the slippers on, since I didn’t want to stretch out the elastic too much, and Ellen’s feet are not shaped realistically.
Of course, being girls, the arrival of the pajamas prompted a big pajama party and sleepover.Β 

Over all, the pajamas are very well made. Even though the shirt is a tunic style, I think it could go well with other things as a “daytime” shirt. I tried it with jeans, and it looked fine. The leggings are quite versatile too.
Thank you so much for these pj’s! My dolls love them, and so do I. I completely recommend them to everyone!


Thank you Molly for sending in these cute photos! I am glad your dolls are having fun, too.