It is the last day of summer for my kids which means tomorrow is the first day of school! Molly and Emily are in their pajamas having a little talk about the first day of school – from what to wear to what to pack for lunch and everything in between. Enjoy!

American Girl Molly and Emily in their pajamas

“Emily, are you nervous or excited about the first day of school?” asked Molly as the girls started settling down the night before school started.

Emily's flannel pajamas

“Well, maybe just a little nervous,” answered Emily.

“How about you, Molly?” asked Emily.

American Girl Molly and Emily

“Well, I just don’t know. I am worried about what to do with my hair. Leave it down? Braids? A ponytail?” responded Molly.

“Let me take a look,” said Emily. “The good thing about long hair like yours is that you really can do something different with it every day. I mean, mine is in that kind of middle stage where I really can only wear it down, with a headband or clip, and maybe a low ponytail. Let me brush your hair out and we can try some styles.”

American Girl Molly and Emily

“Oh, Molly, your hair is so soft! You can do so much with it,” said Emily.

“Want some licorice?” asked Molly as she pretended not to hear Emily. “If not, I’ll feed it to Peter Rabbit. You know how rabbits like licorice and all…”

“Umm, Molly, rabbits do NOT like licorice and neither do I,” giggled Emily as she continued to brush Molly’s hair.

American Girl Molly and Emily

“Listen Molly,” said Emily acting as if she were Peter Rabbit, “Rabbits eat let-t-t-uce, not lick-or-issssh!”

American Girl Molly and Emily

The girls giggled and talked, compared notes and made jokes until Molly’s Mom called up to them to turn off the lights, stop talking and get some sleep!

I hope they have a great first day of school tomorrow!

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