While I was at Toy Fair in February, I met the talented and creative Alma Loveland.  She introduced me to her product, MixMates and I fell in love with them.  I think the story behind how this product came to market is inspiring and encourage you to check out her website.  I think the product is fabulous and love that it is a doll/building product that captivates the young mind of boys as well as girls.  Check it out.

Benjamin played with the cubes for quite some time, mixing and matching and stacking away.  Then he decided to bring in the sock monkey to add to his adventure.

He had fun creating tall stacks of people on top of people and then used the blocks to create steps and a chair for the monkey.  It was fun to watch him feel so successful and be so proud of his creations.

When he was done playing, we didn’t have a bag to keep the blocks in so we used the packaging that they came in and made one of our own.  It helps us to store pieces that go together in one place with such an assortment of toys and games.

Doll play looks a lot of different ways.  I think this one is tons of fun.