I was at Target last evening and they had some of the Barbie clothes on sale for $4.99, and I saw an outfit with a violin.  I picked it up, in case one of the girls showed any musical talent…To my surprise one did!

Mini Story – Patience, the discovered talent!

As I entered my work office, I heard a very nice sound, but was not sure where it was coming from.  As I looked around I saw her….Patience!

Sitting comfortably at the corner of the window stile, there she was playing the violin, as it was a natural talent that just got released.

One of the other girls, Becky was so impressed she came over to hear Patience play.  Becky clapped so hard, as she enjoyed it so much.

I too was so impressed, I ask Patience to play next to my computer.  How talented my little Patience has turned out to be!

Fun Facts:

1.Violin from a Barbie clothes package on sale at Target.