Diana and Madelon sent me this story to cheer me up before I go have my foot surgery. When this is posted I will already be there and yes, I will have Natalie post an update later this evening, too.


Hi, my name is Nicki and I just got home so I wanted to share my story with you.  My family adopted me several months ago, but I arrived with an awful smell and stains on my legs.   My new family did not know what to do with me, until one day  I was sent to a Doll Hospital with a very nice lady named Dr. Diana.  Here is my hospital visit….Nicki

Nicki in her hospital room.  Nicki had major work done, she was completely cleaned inside and out.  She had her hair washed and styled.  Once she recovered, she was admitted into her room, to put her legs up.  Her legs were treated with a special cream to remove the stains.  Nicki is enjoying her meal.

Nicki quickly made friends with the nurses and doctor, they enjoy hearing about her horse story adventures. Nicki loved the hospital food, which at times included her favorite strawberry shake.  The nurse brought a little stuff doggie as a gift.

The nurse does not allow Nicki to watch too much TV, so only two hours are allowed.  The rest of the time she would walk the halls and write in her journal.  Nicki also writes stories about horses, which she misses a lot.

Here is a closer look at Nicki writing in her journal.

Nicki writes a letter to her family, who miss her terribly.  

Nicki was released from the hospital and she has just arrived home.  Her family was so happy to see her.  She arrived in her hospital gown, with no smell, no stains and her lovely hair in curls.

A very happy Nicki smiles for the camera.

Char, Madelon and I wish you a very successful surgery and a very fast recovery.

Your friends

Diana & Madelon