As we wrap up 2014, how best to spend time but with old and new friendships and a little shopping?  So let’s take a look at what the girls are doing …

Maria and Isabelle are enjoying the new furniture which is a combination of the AG cozy lounge chair and table set as well as the OG chairs and table set.  Also part of the AG table set comes the nachos and checkers games. The AG sleepover set brings the Apple to Apples game, pink lemonade and popcorn.  All these sets were on sale throughout the Holiday season and make for a great set up.

Hi Emily, said Isabelle and Maria, where have you been?  Hi said Emily, I just came back from the after Christmas sales and look at what I got!

Before we look at what Emily found, notice the table/desk lamp.   This was found at the Dollar Store and is a light for reading a book.  It is the perfect doll size and it really works as a light.

Back to the girls…Emily said Isabelle, it looks like your bag is full!  Please hurry and show us what you got!

Emily pulled out the cutest lavender boots.  I love this boots said Emily, I found them at Target and fit perfectly.  The tiny little hearts are adorable.

Then Emily pulled out another pair of shoes.  Take a look at these said Emily, they too are from Target.

The pink tennis shoes have black polka dots and black laces, these are my favorites.  I will be wearing them when we go back to school next week, said Emily.

Berlin, Emily’s younger sister heard all the excitement and came in to check it out.  What is going on? asked Berlin.   Take a look said Emily, I just got these new tennis shoes.  Wow, said Berlin, do they come in my size?

Berlin is a Kathe Kruse Marie Stylista doll and is wearing her Stylista outfit that is included with her.  Berlin has painted blue eyes and beautiful long blonde hair, she is 14.5 inches.

A close up of  Berlin’s face.  I love her face coloring and although her eyes are painted they have a very nice expression.

It was not long before the girls were joined by yet another friend who traveled a long way to visit them. Welcome said Emily, as Sophie Josefine joined the girls.

Sophie Josefine is also a Kathe Kruse doll.  She is brunette with blue eyes,  and is 16 inches.  She is has an all vinyl body and her head can be posed in various positions.  She is a very well built doll and her hair is awesome.

A close up of Sophie Josefine.  Her red, blue and white outfit is very well made and she brings a backpack.

Emily introduces Sophie to the other girls.  Emily was so happy to see her friend from London, as she said to Maria, Isabelle and Berlin, “there is no distance that can separate the best of  friends and it is wonderful when we can all enjoy being together, especially during the holidays!”   Let’s celebrate the coming of the New Year 2015  and open our hearts to new friendship! 

Wishing all of the Doll Diaries readers a Happy New Year and we will see you in 2015 with more reviews and stories!