Diana here!  The fall season is one of my favorite times since there is always something to do in the Georgia Mountains. This weekend the Apple Festival was where Heidi decided to go.

As soon as we enter the festival Heidi jumped onto a tractor…wait Heidi…..but off she went! Do you see her?

Just in case you missed her, here is a close up, she almost reached the pedals.

We walked around and saw many crafts and food vendors, but this is what caught Heidi’s attention.  A Camel in Georgia!…Oh My said Heidi!  Yes, that is correct, we were not seeing things!

Heidi found a new friend, Arnold….for those old enough to know…. see the sign..

Heidi walked around so much she finally needed a rest and what a better place to wait for the bus that would take us back.

Back home Emily found the package that arrived and could not wait to try it out.  She got the new Spa set from OG which includes a foot massage and many different items for a pedicure.

Emily soaks her feet in the tub and is really to use the foot stone.  Emily knows all about pedicures, she loves to look and feel good!

Into the tub she goes and applies the cucumber mask to her face, sitting back, relaxing in a nice bubble bath.

Now it is time to play with the pink rubber duckie… squirt, squirt, duckie….

Almost time to get out of the tub, so make sure you wash up good!

Oh wait, what is all that racket?  Of course! it is the boys, shooting hoops with the new basketball post. Will he make the basket?

Wow, he did it! Great shot!

Henry has the basketball now, what will he do?

Be careful Henry, Tony is going for the steal… Oh what fun they are having!

Fun Facts:

1. All pictures with Heidi were from the Apple Festival in Ellijay, Ga.  I had a blast taking her, she received many praises from doll lovers.
2. The OG Spa Set is now available online and it has many items including what Emily is wearing.  The knob on the foot massage tub can be turned to the right one notch.  The blue top is removable to make it easy to insert the feet.
3. The basketball hoop is from Build A Bear, I extended the pole for the 18″ boys to play.  It comes with a basketball.