We are smitten by sloths over here.

Mini sloth stuffed animal review

Sloth Love

It all started last summer when my son saw a sloth in real life.  He was amazed how this wild creature defied the laws of nature, that are usually all about speed!   The sloth moved so incredibly slow!  Then there was the perma-grin.  It’s like a friendly hello from the tree tops.

With his stories and description we all took an interest in learning more about sloths.  They are incredible creatures!

Mini sloth stuffed animal review

For Christmas I hunted down some cute sloth gifts on Amazon.  There is an adorable sloth calendar that we love.  We have a 12″ plush sloth that’s well loved and in 4 months has already lost his fluff.  Of course I was excited to see American Girl’s sloth included in Lea’s collection!  Unfortunately when I wanted to order it I saw it was on backorder (and still is until July 15th).  We still may get Lea’s sweet sloth but I was looking to get a mini sloth this spring.  Fortunately I found this truly huggable mini sloth on Amazon.

This is an amazing doll sized find and I’m excited to share more about it with those of you that would enjoy a cute sloth for doll play!

Hug a Sloth Kit

This 5 inch plush sloth comes in a box with his cute little head poking out.

Mini sloth stuffed animal review

A mini book is included with the sloth.  As you can see the book is small but probably a little oversized for dolls.  Books come in a variety of sizes in the real world, so the size difference doesn’t bother me.  I think the book is cute and has play value.

Mini sloth stuffed animal review

The book includes a page with a Certificate of Adoption.


Read sloth facts with adorable illustrations.


Now for the huggable sloth!  It is covered in the softest fur.  The fingers and toes are separate.  The body shape helps the sloth sit well.


At 5 inches, it is the perfect size for dolls.  According to the website, American Girl’s sloth is 7″ so it would be fun to compare the two side-by-side.

It’s arms and legs curve, so it is easy to hook them around things, like Grace’s neck!  There are no closures to hold the hands and feet together.

Mini sloth stuffed animal review

See this guy is definitely huggable!


He’s adorable, cuddly, and oh-so-soft!  We have had him for about a month and so far so good as far as the quality and experience.

What about the price you say?  This sloth and book is sold for $6.58-$10 including shipping, and that’s a great deal!

With the popularity of Lea’s collection you may also have a soft spot for sloths.  I hope you find this review helpful!

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