Homes are meant to be shared at least in Diana’s world, so let’s take a look at who has moved in?

Welcome my friends says Nickola.  She is wearing Kelsey’s tribal sweater and jeans.  She also wanted a new hair do, so I am aim to please.

As she arrives downstairs, she gives you a closer look at how well this outfits fits.

Oh look the new AG magazine has arrived.  Nickola loves to read and she is one of the first ones to read the AG mag.

 Nickola heard Yorkie barking and ran upstairs to pet her.  Yorkie loves to get a lot of attention.

A closer look at how well Nickola fits in her room.  Of course Yorkie jumped into her arms.

Lisbeth came for a visit. She is wearing some of the Journey Girls pieces of outfits that can be mix n match. Now Lisbeth loves to shop so she came to pick up Nickola to go to the Mall…

Lisbeth let down her hair.  She has beautiful curls.  She is ready to go shopping!

Fun Facts:
New look and styles for the Kidz N Cats, they are so versatile!